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sick child

please pray for jonathan he has a short chain ketothiolase defect and is not doing well right now he is turning into himself he is loosing speach and his developmental therapists say he is acting more and more autistic i thind it is neurological but cannot get the doctors to listen please pray that God will open the doctor's ears to hear me and please pray for his healing thankyou
Jonsmom, that must be so hard for you, but I will pray for you & your son. I specifically will pray for God to touch your son & to strengthen you both & hold you in His Loving Hand where you will find peace & comfort in your storm. And I pray that God will place in your path the doctors that will help you & in the meantime, your faith will be a witness to those you encounter now.
Hi jonsmom, im so sorry to hear this. . I pray, that you will be strenghend through God . . . with Him everything is possible. .
You need to rest and refresh as much as you can in His arms, so you can be a strong mom for your son!
God has given Doctors talent and wisdom, I pray you will meet these specialists who can help. . .
Just be the best mom you can be, that will mean so much to your child!
I pray for you! :love: peeps

you know you have been in my prayers, hope to hear a update soon!

Love your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl:

Staff Member
I will pray for your son jonsmom, GOD is our Healer in Jesus Christ