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Sick and tired wearing a mask!!!!

Dear friends,
I ask for your prayers so many times i tryed to post my cry for help but so many times I just end up deleting it. I thought I could handle each situation on my own but I can't its too much for me to bare and I feel too ashamed to even say what i have done. So many times I have asked to talk to one of my pastors at my church but they are too busy to talk me and give counsil. How long can i wear this mask that i'm ok on the outside but inside I'm falling apart?
Hello Kaibeto,

It is a rough one for sure when we are hurt deeply by Christian friends. It has happened to most of us. More deeply than what can be posted in a public site! All I know is to seek the Lord for yourself, that you might be able to forgive and release and move on with your life. When it happened to me I found myself seeing my own sin and asking God for forgiveness for myself. That helped me to forgive and totally release the ones who had hurt me.

We are not responsible for what others do but rather for our response in the situation. We are not victims but rather victors in Jesus Christ. David had his friends to turn against him. So did Job. And of course Jesus. So, we know it happens. So we turn to God and let him handle everything. We move on.

God bless you in what you are going through. May you find release soon.
Dear God, I pray that Kaibeto would be completely healed of the hurt that is besetting him. Father, I know how much it hurts to have other christians betray and turn away. Give Kaibeto your great comfort and solace, and let all things work together for his good as he grows even closer to You. In Jesus name, Amen.
kaibeto, will be prayn...read the request for transfer post...might help. God is equiping us for a greater struggle...we need to watch each others backs...and love covers a multutude of sins. Peace brother.
Dear Brother . You are not alone in this struggle . Be at peace brother and trust in Jesus Christ and his word only . MikeT4G
Staff Member
Hey brother don't let it bother you. We live in a tough world where its hard to trust others. You can come talk to us here on Talk Jesus when you need to share your feelings and let off some steam perhaps. We love you and GOD loves you more.

Give it all at the foot of the Cross