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Siblings Injured in Car Crash

SHAWANO -- One of the victims of a one-car crash on Shawano County CC on Tuesday morning has died.

Brandi Zempel, 13, was pronounced dead late Tuesday morning, Lt. George Lenzner of the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department said.

Her brother, Dean Zempel, remains in intensive care at an unidentified hospital.

Lenzner said Dean Zempel was driving to school on Shawano County CC about four miles south of Shawano when the car left the road and rolled into a tree.

Neither of the teens was wearing a seat belt, Lenzner said.

The accident remains under investigation.

Brandi was in the seventh grade at Shawano Community Middle School, the Shawano Leader reported.

I was shocked when I heard about this, because I knew both of them very well. I was best friends with Dean before I moved, I'd go over to his house all the time, and Brandi always wanted to do stuff with us. All I wanna do is ask for your prayers, Dean really needs it.
He's badly hurt I guess, I just learned that he broke both his legs, broke his pelvis, shattered his jaw, major brain damage, bruised kidney, and something about his back. And I guess he was taken off life support the other night and taking small breaths on his own, but his parents havent told him that his little sister is dead... He needs prayer more than ever right now, I can't imagine the pain he's going through right now, and how much worse it'll be when he learns of her death.

Please keep the family in your prayers also, they all need God's comfort..Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and God bless.
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Yes, let us pray....

Father, please dear Father, please .... we pray for Dean and his whole family who must be quite shaken by this tragedy...oh Lord...please send your comfort in this time, your lasting comfort...and Father, please...we ask for healing for Dean and strength to come to his battered body, and please prepare him for the sad news of his beloved sisters death... yes Lord
... can you please, please touch him with your love and peace, and calmness, may he be refreshed by your Spirit.... and know your eternal love at this time and always.

And Lord, we also ask that your comfort be with Brandi's friends at school, and also Dean's friends... that they would seek you for Dean's healing and find in you assurance of your love and Salvation in Christ, and Lord we pray too, for ServantOfYHWH, and ask that you send your comfort to her now, and bless her with your peace and joy, even now, for you are worhty Lord to ask these things and we ask blessings upon ServantOfYHWH for bringing this news to us for prayer...
Oh Lord please... yes please Lord we call on you Lord... we depend on you Lord... we cry unto you for this family now in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord....we pray...amen.
Lord I ask that you be with this family and bring them peace and comfort in this sorrowful time for them. I ask that You being Dean out of this and back to his parents. Lord give him the strength he needs to fully recover and be healed. Give his parents the comfort they need to get through the death of their beloved daughter. God I pray your mighty hand swings in a draws the whole family into Your loving arms. In Jesus name. Amen
Thank you all so much for your prayers...Dean has passed away, I just learned about it...I had just got done praying for him...I'm so scared for him, I really hope with all my heart God came to him...He was in a coma for a while, we can't know how our Father works, we can only hope and pray that he was saved in time...Again I want to thank you for your prayers..
Staff Member
This is so sad.... dear Lord... please comfort Deans family.... Lord? Please
I am so sad to hear of this. You're right- none of us knows what may or may not have transpired between Dean and God. I do pray for his family to find comfort in Jesus.
Staff Member
Father I pray that You would surround this family with Your love and comfort at this time of such a tragedy and loss of 2 children. I pray that they will know You are there with them and that will have the support they need to come to terms with this double loss in Jesus' name amen.
Both of these kids were confirmed about a year ago. In a strange and unfortunate twist of irony/fate/coincidence, one of the pastors in their church lost his own children in a car accident a bunch of years ago so beyond providing spiritual guidance unfortunately he has walked in this family's shoes himself.
Lord Jesus I ask you to meet every need in this tragic situation. I ask you Jesus to minister by the power of your Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus you alone are our trust.....In Jesus
I'm so sorry for this brothers and sisters, but it seems the information on Deans passing was false, and he is still alive. Please continue to pray that God will heal him 100%!

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