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Shopping carts prayer...

Hello family, I have a prayer request for myself. An odd request to most but none the less. This isn't for healing of a disease or a sickness or for a family member that is in the hospital or death bed or a loved one.

I would like prayer to have conviction in my life. I do have conviction for certain things as it stands now but I want ALL sins convicted in me & around me that I am able to control and well.... have no control over I spoze. I want to be so convicted that it is as kryptonite to superman.

I'll tell you my lil' story about shopping carts... For years & years I was the person that would leave a shopping cart wherever I parked. I would push the cart wherever my car was, grab my bags out of it & leave it where it stood. Then one time I tried this & I felt this guilt, this twist inside me that was so uncomfortable that I couldn't stand it. I couldn't drive off, I couldn't push the cart half way to the cart corral & I wasn't able to do anything other than push the cart ALL THE WAY into the space where the rest of the shopping carts were. As soon as I did the feeling of uneasiness was gone, the emotion of accomplishment entered & I could feel, literally feel God being proud of me for doing such a simple task. I have tried to 'avoid' & ignore the uncomfortable feeling a few times I have tried to leave a cart since & I have to back up, stop my car, get out & push not only my own cart to the cart corral but other carts that are near too. I've even said out loud a few times "alright God I'll push the stupid cart where it goes GOSH!!!" When it's snowing & blowing with a foot of cold slushy snow on the ground I huff & puff like a little brat while stomping my feet pushing carts where they go (I can just imagine what people around me think but that doesn't stop me)... and I again can feel God kinda chuckle now yet proud of me for my obedience.

But THAT'S what I would like. I love the fact that God cares enough about me to convict me & have me do the right thing at the right time. It may sound sound a bit strange but that's what I really want.

THANK YOU ALL who read this :)
Praying that God give you peace at all times, even when peace in a situation as the flesh understands it, is impossible. What is impossible for God?


You really going to give me a guilt complex about shopping carts.... I'm sure I will now think twice about it!
I'm telling ya RJ, them doggone shopping carts get me every time now. I am learning that just because others do it I can NOT. Glad a few more shopping carts will get put in there places LOL
Good, now when I push one to the cart corral I will think of you stomping & mumbling as you push one there too ha ha ha


Well, my wife does it all the time but, she is just a nice person. But, if you are doing it for God, how can I not? The next time she sees me walking across the lot to put mine up, she will probably say..."that was nice of you"....I will say , God made me do it! She will ask God?...I will say , yes, the Lordknows!
HAAAAAAAAAAA I see what you did there HA HA HA HA HA THAT will be awesome!!!! God will be so proud!!!
God knows whats best for us even if we dont. Often He only convicts us bit by bit, as its a road we travel, not a beam me up scotty. Never the less I will ask God that he throws that mountain of conviction upon you all at once. Let us know how it goes.
What a nice prayer request LK and a cool testiomy. I just love it :). Those who are faithful in little things can be trusted for greater ones. Amen Praise God.

When time comes that your desire is granted, don’t forget God’s unfailing love, His unmerited favor, and abounding grace and mercy. When time comes our inner being agrees with the Scripture when it says “surely the heart is deceitful above all things, and beyond cure, who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9 When all of the prideful conceited natural being in us is exposed in God‘s Holy Eyes, laid open before us, showing how depraved we are as humans, remember Jesus at the cross that all things in us that is against the knowledge and the will of God has already been nailed to the Cross. It is indeed God’s miracle to become a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST. Until then, only we will come to know more if not experience more the LOVE OF GOD DESCRIBED by Paul in Ephesians 3:17-20

Shalom and Blessings in abundance.


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