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Shocking !

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it comes as a shock and is very difficult to accept that we really do nothing bujt are very busy doing all sorts[Acts 17:28] - we do not even breathe or even think but think we think and think we breathe[Acts 28 : 26-27] - wincam

What does this mean?

ah ha what an awesome creation and what an awesome and intelligent creator - like ALICE in wonderland - it gets curiouser and curiouser - it seems God having created us knows us better than we know ourselves - this is the big sin of pride and ego inflation instead of humility claiming for ourselves the glory that really belongs to God - so this awesome clever designer knew full well that left to us we would breathe only when we felt like it and now and then and not at all when asleep - we would have been extinct long ago so this is what is meant by the breate of life infused by our Creator and when defused we can do no breathing no matter how hard we may try - thoughts occur we don't think - prove it for yourself just try to stop thinking or breathing[Acts 17:28] - wincam

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