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Sheep are smart!

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by David777, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February, 2011, from Telegraph London.

    "Sheep aren't stupid after all."
    " Researchers have found that the brainpower to equal monkeys and, in some tests, even humans. They have advanced learning capabilities..."

    At last the Darwinian primate man has discovered what God's created man has always known, sheep are not stupid.

    It took long enough, but they are very slow.

    Hold your head up my fellow sheep. We know our masters voice.
    We can only respond to our master's voice. We follow our Master, we stick together, why, because that's what sheep do. We are not goats!

    Baa, baa, baa.
  2. HaHaHa Indeed. Thank you for bringing such to our attention.

    BaaBaa. Indeed I am a sheep .......following Jesus 'My Sheperd'
  3. Sheep are defenceless animals not stupid.

    Jesus said a sheep will only follow the voice of it's master and not just anybody. I have found this to be very true. We had pet sheep growing up on the farm and our sheep wouldn't just wonder off behind anybody. They knew my brother's and my voice and came running up to us when we called them. I think the food we had for them sort of attracted them to us as well, especially the bottles of milk for the lambs. Nevertheless they were wary of strangers.

    Yep goats not as responisve to being called even by name. We also had goats. They have a bit if a stubborn independant streak. I prefer to milk a cow over a goat (goats are a bit devious and you have to watch that hind leg of theirs).
  4. I took a photo of myself, what do you think.


    I am thinking of developing a theology of sheep.
    Baa, baa, baa.
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  6. Thankyou Dreamer.

    Your photo further enforces my viewpoint.

    Look at the goat, not looking at the camera, too involved in speculation on matters he does understand. Examine the horns
    need I say more. Do not turn your back on the goat. They have
    mood swings, untrustworthy.

    Look at the sheep, attentive, aware of what is happening. They are even smiling, as if they know. Your children are safe around the sheep. Look at the clothing of the sheep, warm, wool. Wool a beautiful fabric. You can relax when you are with sheep.

    Can you see the sheep theology developing.

    My fellow sheep, hope to visit you soon.

    Baa, baa, baaaaa.
  7. Back to the top.

    We know our Master's voice.
    We cannot here anyone else.
    The Master has words of eternal life, who else could we listen to.
    He has opened the barn door, no one can shut it.

    Baa, baaaaa.
  8. I remember a teaching I heard years ago about sheep intelligence by evangelist Malcolm Smith: Sheep are somewhat intelligent but very stubborn. A sheep is prone to running away, getting itself lost and into dangerous situations. The shepherd goes after it (see Mt 18:12). "All we, like sheep, have gone astray" (Is 53:6).

  9. Regarding a theology of sheep: I think the Lord is way ahead of you on that one!
  10. Oh no.

    No sheep theology, I had such great plans.

    I am shattered, your right, it has already been done.

    Baa, baa, baa.
  11. Happy to be one of our Shepherd's Sheep!

    I have a beautiful little book, printed in 1904 and gifted to Evelyn Goerke on the occassion of her 10th birthday in 1924. It is entitled, The Song of Our Syrian Guest by William Allen Knight.

    He writes the story of a visit to his family of a Syrian shepherd who explains to the family the meaning of Psalm 23 from the understanding of one who lived in that region, knowing first hand the life of a shepherd and his sheep. He has some interesting information to impart. It is beautiful ..........

    Starting with, "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want", he calls this the opening strain of the song's music, which is never lost til the "plaintive melody dies away at the song's end". All that follows in the Psalm, he says, is that thought put in varying light.

    "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures" speaks of nourishment and rest (for the sheep, but also for us, as the sheep of our Shepherd.)
    "He leadeth me beside the still waters". One thinks here of quietly flowing streams, another picture of rest. But, the Syrian tells us, "you miss one of the finest scenes in shepherd life and one of the rarest blessings of the soul that is led by God. All through the day", he continues, "the shepherd keeps one thing in mind as he and his charges roam the land, He must lead his flock to a drinking place. The refreshment of good water makes the coveted hour of all the day; the spot where it is found amid the rough, waterless hills and plains is the crowning token of the shepherd's unfailing thoughtfulness. When at last the sheep are led "beside the still waters", how good it is, after the dust and heat of the sheep-walks!"

    The Syrian explains, "Would you get the shepherd meaning here? Then remember that streams are few in the shepherd country of Bible lands. The shepherds do not rely on them. Even where streams are found, their beds and banks are usually broken and their flow rough. Sheep are timid and fear a current of water, as they well may, for they are easily carried down stream because of their wool."
    At this point one of the family's children exclaimed, "Poor things! How then do they ever get a drink of water?" "The shepherd sees to that, doesn't he?" asks another.

    Pleased that they are listening the guest replies, "Yes, the sheep would indeed have a hard time finding water to drink, were it not that the shepherd sees to that."

    The guest turns more serious as he says to the father, "Brother, you and I have learned how much is in that question and answer. How would we get the refreshment we need in the rough world, if the shepherd did not see to that? But he does, doesn't he!"

    Now he tells us how it is the shepherd makes sure the sheep get a good drink:
    "There are wells and fountains all through the vast regions where the flocks roam, and in some parts there are cisterns, though the sheep like the living water best. The shepherds know where these drinking-places are all through the treeless country where streams are few. It is a fine sight to see the shepherds bring their flocks "beside the still waters" at some well or fountain, while the wide, silent country over which they and many other sheep have wandered, spreads all around them, and the full expanse of the sky arches over them."

    "The shepherd makes a certain sound; all his sheep lie down and are quiet. Then he fills the drinking-troughs."

    "The bubbling of the fountain, or the current, if it be by a stream, is no longer there to trouble the sheep. They can drink now undisturbed. This is the delicate meaning of that word "still". As he Hebrew words put it, "He leadeth beside the waters of quietness"

    "Then the waiting sheep hear a whisper or a call. They never misunderstand; they know their shepherd's voice and never respond to the wrong shepherd if several flocks have come together. And strangest of all, the sheep come up by groups; the shepherd makes them understand. So in groups he leads them until they stand "beside the still waters". And, oh, how they drink, with the shepherd stand near!"

    He pauses, gazing far off, then continues softly, "It is a beautiful scene, so beautiful that St. John has used it in picturing heaven." He smiles and quotes: "The Lamb that is in the midst of the throne shall be their shepherd, and shall guide them unto fountains of waters of life."

    ( be continued if you want to read more.":wink:
  12. Fantastic

    Now that's true sheep theology

    Where do you guys get this information from

    What an incredible post, thankyou

    New keyboard cannot find the fullstop
  13. Of coarse their smart, haven't you seen the movie Babe?:shade: Baa rum moo or something like that...
  14. "Baa ram ewe" Fellow! Babe contains some of my favorite quotations. Let's get them right! Sheesh!
    "The way things are is the way things are!"
  15. Well, does anyone want to read more from my little book?
  16. Well God bless you sister O2BLikeU:) Its been along while since i seen the movie, sorry for the misquote:shade: Its a good movie though...
  17. You knew I was kidding though, didnt you????:embarasse
  18. I am really getting a kick out of this thread, David777. I am so glad you posted it. I remember once when teaching 5th Grade Sunday School, this sweet girl, said, "I don't like it that Jesus compares us to sheep, they're so dumb!" I was speechless, not one answer came to my mind.

    We are dumb, very dumb, compared to the Lord. And we need Him desperately Yet we do hear His voice as He promised!!!

    I knew, I just knew that sheep were somewhat intelligent
  19. friend posted this morning

    want to share something a friend posted this morning:

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He knows my name.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He recognizes the characteristics that make me who I am.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He feeds me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He protects me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He corrects me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because when I am lost He finds me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He talks to me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He comforts me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He loves me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He has His eye on me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He hears me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He guides me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because He heals me.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because I have submitted to Him.

    The Lord is my Shepherd because I have received Him.

    The Lord is my Shepherd.

    Is the Lord your Shepherd?

    Have you positioned yourself in the flock?

    Have you listened to His voice?

    Let Him be your Shepherd!

  20. Yep, so was i:shade: Its the online thing sis, we have a hard time with communication because of no facial expressions lol. But we get used to it somehow...

    God bless you

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