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Sharing the Gospel

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There's something powerful about hearing testimony from those who've been through incredible storms. I'm discovering that it's equally, if not more powerful, to hear the testimony of people who are currently still in the storm. We all like to hear about the happy outcomes, which is always encouraging and edifying. However, some of the times I've grown the most in my faith is when I've witnessed the authentic, blatant testimony from men and women who are living currently in extraordinary storms of life. Their faith and perseverance inside the trials has encouraged me in huge ways!

I believe that one of the most powerful ways we can share the Gospel with others is how we connect it with our own stories. A powerful tool of evangelism is not just sharing the good news of Jesus that we see in the Bible, but doing it in a way that connects the good news of Jesus with our own story and journey of faith! When we share with people what our lives were like before Jesus, it makes the Gospel come alive and ignites fires of hope and healing! Jesus said in John 14, "greater works you will do." I think that when we share our story, we become the greater work simply by our vulnerability. When we learn to trust, it produces testimony which shows the world the good news of a loving, gracious Father! That's THE GOSPEL!

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