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Share about Legacy's in your life

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I would like to start this with one known to many as "The nurse for God. " Mrs. Evelyn Cooper. Born 1915 recently joined the Lord August 2008.

Mrs. Cooper had a passion for sharing His Love. She really was a nurse through the war where she met Major George Cooper.
Every soldier she helped, was prayed for and was given a chance to know the Lord.

This continued into her civilian life and she only got more passionate about it as years came and went.
Her love for Jesus was passed on to her children. Some went into the mission field, one son is now in pastoral roles.

At Mrs. Coopers' memorial yesterday many children and grandchildren spoke amazing words of how she had enriched and changed their lives.

She changed my wife's life and mentored her. Mrs. Cooper also passed on the batone of reaching out to make a difference for those who don't have Jesus Christ in their lives.

One day a religious group came to her door and tried to share their false faith and she showed them the truth of Gods word in love not in slaming them.
Her grandson was with her at the time and noticed the depth of her wanting to have the truth enter into those people.

When they left her house, he saw her leaning against the door with her head down.
He started to talk to her and realized she was praying for them. Then she turned around and told him she was praying that the Lord would give her another opportunity to speak with them. This same passion is in that grandsons heart now and he too is reaching out to the lost and forsaken.

She has truely found her reward. We will miss her deeply and now she continues on in us. PTL!!!

Please share here so others can read and know and see how the Lord does use many in ways that sometimes is so suttle and with others so obvious. I hope this blesses many.

In His Service
grizzly for Christ

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