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Shalom from Israel!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Worthy, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Shalom everyone from the Negev Desert in Israel! :)

    A little bit about myself, my name is George and I'm the founder and director of Worthy News.

    I'm trying to get some feedback from "news junkies" since I'm the editor of Worthy News. I'm not trying to spam my site, but I'm honestly trying to get an understanding of what kind of news appeals to believers, so that I can improve our news service.

    With everything that is happening around the world, our fundamental purpose is trying to "equip" believers to be watchman -- but often what we perceive to be "Worthy News" is neglected -- and what is often a "side show" is over-covered.

    For example, we didn't run a single exclusive on the Casey Anthony, but some other Christian news services ran story after story covering it. We feel this is a side show to distract believers from what really needs prayer like Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadakhani facing the death sentence because of his faith in Jesus.

    So what I'm interested in finding out is -- what news service do you read often? and why? And any suggestions as to how to make our news service better.

    I really appreciate your time and input,

    Your brother in the Lord with much agape love,

    George Whitten
  2. Welcome to TJ George hope you find all you seek here.
  3. Thanks skipbeat! :)
  4. G'day George,

    How's it going.
    We have spoken before but maybe you don't recall.

    I have read quite a few of your Worthy news posts and enjoy them mostly. Hearing the latest on Israel is a blessing. I definitely am not a "news junkie" though and avoid most mainstream channels. I did have to wonder recently though when I read one of your news posts after Netanyahu's recent speech to the US congress. The overwhelming support he received, and his glowing words for USA, seemed incongruous to the portrayal of Obama and USA as being anti-Israel.
    I thought Netanyahu stated afterwards that he accepted Obama had not called for a return to the exact pre-1967 borders? Maybe I am wrong. I am definitely not an Obama supporter but I do like to find the truth in what I read.

    I left a question on your blog site a while back but received no reply.


    Ps.. The type of news I would like to see more often is stories of Jewish people coming to Messiah and other uplifting things. It's good to see some light amid the darkness.
  5. You probably left the question while I was on a speaking tour, if it was the time that Netanyahu was in the States.

    As a pastor in Israel, we have to be CAREFUL about the stories we run covering people who come to the Lord. In the town we live, the ultra orthodox just hate us! They were outside my house for 2 hours -- two days ago -- and they were just cursing us and our household. Really unbelievable at times for sure! So any stories that cover those who come to faith -- is like pouring gas onto an already blazing fire! :)

    Netanyahu was being a politican, and I can assure you there's serious animosity between the two. He'll never agree to going back to the 1967 borders otherwise that would place terrorists on the doorsteps of every major metropolitan area in Israel.

    God bless you my friend,

  6. Ahh.. that is understandable. Forgive my ignorance.

    Thank-you for the explanation. I do understand he needs to be tactful.

    And you,

  7. No problem at all David! Nice meeting you outside of my "internet" walls! :)
  8. Nicely written rules! :) I'm not sure I would want to call them commandments. :)

    God bless,


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