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Shalom Christan On Board

Hi Christan here greetings to all of you.I live in Berkeley California.My studies include Hebrew scriptures and commentary of Jewish origin.New testament Greek Phillip Comfort edition and a full lexicon of the greek language,Egyptian glyphs and writings. I love numbers and patterns so discovering the different aspects of symbolisms is a true passion.One of my favorites is Zechariah chapter 3. The stone placed before Joshua. I am especially drawn to the number 3 and the "Biblical formulas" that are three fold.In the New Testament the plaque over the head of Jesus on the cross is of special interest to me as well as the three temptations in the wilderness.Whenever I feel like I am losing touch with the reality of His story I like to look at different renderings of the Temple of Solomon.There are many beautiful buildings dedicated to the worship of The Lord but the reality of the Temple and Tabernacle are sobering in the face of the modern world.I am in the process of restoring the building I live in.Part of that restoration is an office\recording studio. I see the storms coming but find equally as much revelation in the changes in my local ecosystem as a whole.Everything has meaning to me and speaks of His plans.Nature walks are a real treat when you do it with the Lord in mind.Peace and Grace be multiplied in Jesus Christ and especially in his new name.Sincerely Christan

Welcome! Excellent thread! Its a blessing to meet another brother from the bay area! Berkeley is an awesome opportunity to introduce Jesus Christ! I enjoyed fellowship with you in Live Chat and will see you out there!

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
Hi Christian. . . thanks for the intro, nice to meet you .. .AND:
WELCOME to TalkJesus
See you in Chat, your sis. . .peeps