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sgare with you

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as som of you know its been hard for me lately. the enemy has been attacking left and right. one thing after another and where it hurts. But I want to share with you something I learned. something that all of you know but need to be reminded of.

when you say..." wow, everything is going good. I'm not being tempted, no spiritual attacks"..... well brothers and sisters thats not a good thing. that means that you are not a threat to the enemy right now. you arent invading his territory. the closer that you draw nearer to God, be prepared on attacks on you and your family. but dont let him win. Our God is a big God. HE IS SO FAITHFUL INDEED!! stand firm in your faith. when you pray, pray not that the Lord will help you get through temptatioon, but that He will keep temptation from you. PRAISE GOD!!

if we keep our eyes focused on Christ, everything will be o.k. !!! Great thought isnt it.

I'm coming through this. God is our strength. do not let the enemy sidetrack you.


the Holy Spirit has used many of you to bless us and help us through these struggles. God is so good. His ways are not our ways. He only wants the best forus. It was not his will to destroy us. Nothing happens without Gods consent.

So know that God is good. even through trials. And in these trials, Give thanks to the Lord! " In everything give thanks to the Lord"

( I mispelled in the title its "share with you" not "sqare with you"lol. It wont change . sorry Bout that
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I believe that in times of trial we often give the enemy too much attention. In times of trial we must focus more on the answer (God) than on the problem (the enemy and his works). The only thing that is due the enemy in these situations is a rebuke in the name of Jesus.
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God bless you sister. You always show great faith and encourage others in all your threads.

Our GOD is the Almighty powerful GOD. The Alpha, the Omega. The Savior Jesus Christ who was and is to come!

The enemy attacks me everyday. What do I do? I thank GOD for making me more Christ like and rebuke the devil like the spit and dirt I walk on. Thank you Jesus Christ for loving us and giving us all hope!

God bless you
I like what Chad posted on this topic. Being attacked by the enemy is a good sign. Like someone once said, "If the devil doesn't know your name, that means that you aren't doing anything."
Praise God for you Jess ! :love: God will help and keep you in all your trials . You have encouraged me greatly with your thread . You have exalted the Lord in you darkest hours . Your actions are truly what God told us all to do in our hour of need . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Amen Sister Girl !!! I have said to people during ties of my own trials "well I must be doing something right" God Bless you sister love ya .bobbie