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Does anyone here like sewing or quilting? I just started to enjoy quilting. Now I'm going to start making a lap quilt for my dad's mom (Nonni). I completed one for my other Grandma last week. It's rapidly becoming my favorite hobby! :) Anyone else?
I LOVE quilting! I have`nt been able to the past several years because I have no frames, but I have made several baby quilts (my favorite) and three larger ones. I like to make unusual ones, like the purple one I made for my daughter during her 'purple' phase lol...stitched in a huge heart with white threading and stitched her name in huge writing as well, it turned out so beautiful! Some day I hope to make one with the outline of an open Bible stitched in the middle, with some favorite 'family' scripture and a message stitched in for each one of my children. I really enjoy the writing with a needle
Coconut said:
I like to make unusual ones, like the purple one I made for my daughter during her 'purple' phase lol...
That's too funny Coconut! I'm going through one of those now.:TEETH: Actually I went out with a friend of mine to pick out material for my Nonni's quilt that I was planning on making in burgandy and puple. It didn't turn out but my friend suggested one of these days I make myself a quilt in purple. I just love everything purple!!
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