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Seuss Juice

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Seuss Juice

Climbing trees and things like that
Are really where it all is at.
Holding hands just can’t beat leaves,
And skies are far above a squeeze.

The sky today was golden hue,
Violet, rose, and turquoise, too.
Actually, I truly think
That I would call it sky-blue-pink.

Snow caps blushed, becoming rivers.
Arrows of light were pulled from quivers
To shoot the clouds with orange juice
And frosting mixed by Dr. Seuss.

The twilight laughed its way to night
Tickled by birds in feathery flight
Playing catch with bits of song.
I rumpled grass and sang along;

Tossed in a predlude to the dark,
As nightingale replaced the lark;
Tied my shoes to leaping senses...
Hopscotching home, I jumped
eighty-three fences.

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