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servant of christy in need of help

Hey my name is Paul layne i'm a sophmore at Greenbrier Christian academy and I owe everthing to God somthing I learn more about everyday I lead several groups that do evangelism and disipleship I'd love to just talk about jesus because no matter how hard i look I can not find more joy in doing anything else
God Bless you Tyui! Its so great to have you here. welcome to Talk Jesus.! hope your stay is blessed and make yourself at home :)
WOW. nicely don'e. look's liek you be goign far with your walk with Goddy. so yeah good on ya bro...

well any whoop's, i hope you enjoy your stay here and have a lovely time roamign the Site feel more than welcome...

Love Simon!!!
Staff Member
God bless you Paul. Thank you for joining us on Talk Jesus
heya Pauly!!

welcome 2 our humble abode that we like to call Talk Jesus!!

im more then sure that we will all be blessed thru u an ur msg's that u bring us!

God Bless You Man!!
hey there paul ....

welcome to this great site...!!!!!
hope to see ya around...

god bless
hey thx for the reply I was wondering, seeing as your from ulstraila, how is God reaching out on the english countryside
:shade: Hi Paul, welcome to TJ and it is wonderfull to see how God has touched and blessed your life already in so many wondrous ways. Enjoy your time here at TJ and look forward to seeing you around. God bless you and guide you in your walk with him daily.
Hello Paul and welcome to Talk Jesus. It is very clear that God has called you to work in a special way but always remember to keep balance in your life so that the experiences you encounter through regular community life will help you reach those needing to be saved. You will find many good friends here who will be happy to share with you at any time. God Bless you.