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Serious Surgery

Hello, just thought I'd get some prayer back up for a friend. The wife of the youth pastor at my fiancee's church has a herniated disc in her 3rd or 4th vertebrae, but instead of herniating out like they usually do, it has herniated in and is pressing on her spine. About half her body was numb and the other half was in so much pain. To operate they have to go through her throat to get to the disc, but the operation is very dangerous and she could either die or be paralyzed for life, so please pray for her. She is less than 40 years old and has a teenage daughter. Just keep her in your prayers. Thanks guys.
Wow dg, I had to go look that op up, because I had never heard tell of it! :confused: Found out it is called an "anterior cervical discectomy", and as you say, none of it sounds like much of a picnic! I will keep her in prayer, please let us know how she is doing! :love:
Staff Member
That is pretty intense and nonetheless, what could our awesome GOD NOT do? He IS the Healer of all people. I will pray for her.
thanks for sharing dg. . . keep us updated please, i lift up your friend in prayer for a great miracle too :love:
I will pray for her, i have had a herniated disc for 8 years in my lower back. It is life changing and i won't allow for them to go in. This is serious and i will indeed pray for her.

Your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl: