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Senior Exit on Nonviolence help me out!

For my Senior Exit Im talking about Nonviolence. I need you to answer the questions as honestly as you can. This is a questionnaire that im passing out. Please get as many people you know to respond, the more the better. A senior exit is a 12 page paper and a presentation on your findings during the research and a visual aid to help explain your topic.

Questionnaire on Nonviolence

Age: Sex:

1. If you were to get into a confrontation and he/she hits you would you:
a) Retaliate
b) Talk bad about them
c) Try to ignore them
d) Apologize even though you did nothing wrong
e) Just walk away silently
F) Other: Describe

2. Do you think its better to resolve a conflict by understanding or violent confrontation?
3. If you choose understanding; would you have the tolerance to understand the person, describe a situation where you choose non-violence. If you choose violent confrontation what did it solve, and describe a situation where you had to choose violence.
4. What does non-violence mean to you?
Hi legacy,


Q1, C

Q2, I personaly think that it is better to try and resolve all conflicts with some empathy and understanding, but also you should let them know that you mean buisiness, and that you are not going to be treated like a door mat.

Q3 Well i dont know, Violence does not solve anything. But then ive been bulied, turned the other cheek and still come worse off. Would it have made a difference if I used violence? I dont know

Q4 being able to sort out a situation without without using violence
Dear Legacy,

God bless you! We hope this will help.


1. E. In a matter of seconds, focus on Jesus, look at him/her with LOVE, and then walk away silently.

2. Focused on Jesus, I choose to try and understand the person.

3. Focused on Jesus, I choose to tolerate the person I am trying to understand. Describing the situation, with blood or a mark on my face or person, I use a calm tone of voice to express my feelings of what just happened. Remember, I am focused on Jesus, its hard, but the other person does not see fear in me but a light. I find this results in a witness for Christ.

4. Focused on Jesus means nonviolence to me in any combative situation.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.