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Self conversation

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Matthew 9:21
"for she said within herself, “If I just touch his garment, I will be made well.”
Self conversation is vital for victory over the problems we face in our lifes. This conversation is vital because you know yourself more than anyone else. Self conversation will make you to accept the fact that you need help. The sick lady had a conversation with herself. she accepted the fact that she is helplessly sick.secondly.she realized that only Jesus can provide the solution to her problem. These facts propelled her to device a means to come in contact with Jesus she knew quite well that she can never have a one on one conversation with Jesus.She decided to touch the helm of Jesus garment knowing fully well that she will get the power to cure her illness from the garment of Jesus. she acted upon her thought and she was delivered from her sickness. Have a conversation with yourself any time you are faced with challenges of life. Two conversations are required to solve the problems of your life .The first conversation is with yourself.ln sincere self conversation, you are objective on the problem and the solution .The second conversation is with God in prayers.in prayers you are having a conversation with the one who created you as well as the owner of all needed resources to satisfy your needs.when you encounter a problem speak to yourself and to God .This is the surest solution to all problems.

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