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Self Assessment Tool for Ministry

Staff Member
I thought this Ministry Assessment tool might help some who are wondering where they fit into the Body of Christ or how they might help out in their particular church.

This might also open you up to other areas that you might have ignored even though the Holy Spirit may have prompted you to follow. Sometimes we can be thick heady! Just understand that this is not a replacement for truly listening to God and being moved by the Holy Spirit in doing His will.

This may take a while to complete and score!!!
I hope you do have fun with this
With the Love of Christ Jesus.

1. Have fun! These are not tests! There are no right or wrong answers.

2. Each one is self-evaluating. No one is rating you. This should provide you a little insight on what you think about yourself. But you may ask for additional input from those closest to you after you have filled in your own responses.

3. The value of each assessment will vary depending on your age, how long you have been a Christian, your background, your honesty, and how much time and serious thinking you are willing to invest in them.


1. Respond to each statement on the Spiritual Gift Assessment pages, which follow, according to the following scale.
  • 5 all of the time, always true
  • 4 most of the time, often true
  • 3 some of the time, sometimes true
  • 2 rarely, seldom true
  • 1 not at all, never true

2. Using the response chart, write your response to each statement in the block whose number corresponds to that number statement in the Spiritual Gift Assessment. Total each one and select the three highest number totals.

IMPORTANT! Answer according to who you are, NOT who you would like to be or think you ought to be. How true are these statements of you? What has been your experience? To what degree do these statements reflect your usual tendencies?

Spiritual Gift Assessment Questions

1. I like to organize people, tasks and events.

2. I would like to start churches in places they do not currently exist.

3. I enjoy working creatively with wood, cloth, paints, metal, glass or other materials.

4. I enjoy challenging people’s perspective of God by using various art forms.

5. I tend to see the potential in people.

6. I communicate the Gospel to others with clarity and effectiveness.

7. I give liberally or joyfully to people in financial need or to projects requiring support.

8. I enjoy working behind the scenes to support the work of others.

9. I view my home as a place to minister to people in need.

10. I take prayer requests from others and consistently pray for them.

11. I am able to motivate others to accomplish a goal.

12. I empathize with hurting people and desire to help in their healing process.

13. I enjoy spending time nurturing and caring for others.

14. I am able to communicate God’s Word effectively.

15. I see the need for something to be done and do it.

16. I am careful, thorough and skilled at managing details.

17. I am attracted to the idea of serving in another country or ethnic community.

18. I am skilled with working with different kinds of tools.

19. I enjoy developing and using my artistic skills (art, drama, music, photography, etc.).

20. I enjoy reassuring and strengthening those who are discouraged.

21. I consistently look for opportunities to build relationships with non-Christians.

22. I give more than a tithe so that kingdom work can be accomplished.

23. I enjoy doing routine tasks that support the ministry.

24. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel welcomed.

25. I enjoy praying for long periods of time and receive leadings as to what God wants me to pray for.

26. I am able to influence others to achieve a vision.

27. I can patiently support those going through painful experiences as they try to stabilize their lives.

28. I have compassion for wandering believers and want to protect them.

29. I can spend time in study knowing that presenting truth will make a difference in the lives of people.

30. I enjoy serving in a capacity that does not require leadership experience.

31. I can clarify goals and develop strategies or plans to accomplish them.

32. I am willing to take an active part in starting a new church.

33. I enjoy making things for use in ministry.

34. I help people understand themselves, their relationships and God better through artistic expression.

35. I give hope to others by directing them to the promises of God.

36. I am effective at adapting the Gospel message so that it connects with an individual’s felt need.

37. I manage my money well in order to free more of it for giving.

38. I willingly take on a variety of odd jobs around the church to meet the needs of others.

39. I genuinely believe the Lord directs strangers to me who need to get connected to others.

40. I am conscious of ministering to others as I pray.

41. I can adjust my leadership style to bring out the best in others.

42. I enjoy helping people sometimes regarded as undeserving or beyond help.

43. I like to provide guidance for the whole person – relationally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.

44. I pay close attention to the words, phrases and meaning of those who teach.

45. I can work comfortably under some else’s direction.

46. I can identify and effectively use the resources to accomplish tasks.

47. I can adapt well to different cultures and surroundings.

48. I can visualize how something should be constructed before I build it.

49. I like finding new and fresh ways to communicate God’s truth.

50. I reassure those who need to take courageous action in their faith, family or life.

51. I invite unbelievers to accept Christ as their Savior.

52. I am challenged to limit my lifestyle in order to give away a higher percentage of my income.

53. I see spiritual significance in doing practical tasks.

54. I like to create a place where people do not feel that they are alone.

55. I pray with confidence because I know that God works in response to prayer.

56. I set goals and manage people and resources effectively to accomplish them.

57. I have great compassion for hurting people.

58. I can faithfully provide long-term support and concern for others.

59. I like to take a systematic approach to the study of the Bible.

60. I can be a behind the scenes “workhorse” for the kingdom.

61. I like to help organizations or groups become more efficient.

62. I can relate to others in culturally sensitive ways.

63. I honor God with my handcrafted gifts.

64. I apply various artistic expressions to communicate God’s truth.

65. I strengthen those who are wavering in their faith.

66. I openly tell people that I am a Christian and want them to ask me about my faith.

67. I like knowing that my financial support makes a real difference in the lives in ministries of God’s people.

68. I like to find small things that need to be done and often do them without being asked.

69. I enjoy entertaining people and opening my home to others.

70. When I hear about needy situations I feel burdened to pray.

71. I influence others to perform to the best of their capability.

72. I can look beyond a person’s handicaps or problems to see a life that matters to God.

73. I enjoy giving guidance and practical support to a small group of people.

74. I can communicate Scripture in ways that motivate others to study and want to learn more.

75. I enjoy being called upon any time there is a real need – substituting for Sunday School, driving for an event, etc.

76. I enjoy learning about how organizations function.

77. I enjoy pioneering new undertakings.

78. I am good at and enjoy working with my hands.

79. I am creative and imaginative.

80. I like motivating others to take steps for spiritual growth.

81. I openly and confidently tell others what Christ has done for me.

82. I give generously due to my commitment to stewardship.

83. I feel comfortable being a helper, assisting others to do their job more effectively.

84. I do whatever I can to make people feel that they belong.

85. I am honored when someone ask me to pray for them, even if they call me in the middle of the night.

86. I am able to cast a vision that others want to be a part of.

87. I enjoy bringing hope and joy to people living in difficult circumstances.

88. I can gently restore wandering believers to faith and fellowship.

89. I can present information and skills to others at a level that makes it easy for them to grasp and apply to their lives.

90. I enjoy picking up trash on the floor and putting it in the wastebasket.

91. I can visualize a coming event, anticipate potential problems and develop backup plans.

92. I am able to orchestrate or oversee several church ministries.

93. I am able to design and construct things that help the church.

94. I regularly need to get alone to reflect and develop my imagination.

95. I am able to challenge or rebuke others in order to foster spiritual growth.

96. I seek opportunities to talk about spiritual matters with unbelievers.

97. I believe I have been given an abundance of resources so that I may give more to the Lord’s work.

98. I readily and happily use my natural or learned skills to help wherever needed.

99. I can make people feel at ease even in unfamiliar surroundings.

100. I often see specific results in response to my prayers.

101. I figure out where we need to go and help others to get there.

102. I enjoy doing practical things for others who are in need.

103. I enjoy patently but firmly nurturing others in their development as believers.

104. I enjoy explaining things to people so that they can grow spiritually and personally.

105. I would enjoy serving in my community as a volunteer.

Spiritual Gift Assessment Response Chart

First, Second and Third highest -----------Spiritual Gift
Letter totals

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________

____________________________ ____________________________


A=Administration F=Evangelism K=Leadership

B=Apostleship G=Giving L=Mercy

C=Craftsmanship H=Helps M=Shepherding

D=Creative Communication I=Hospitality N=Teaching

E=Encouragement J=Intercession O=Serving

This assessment is merely a tool to discovery. These results do not “lock” you into a specific ministry role. Also, keep in mind that the Holy Spirit may open you to so many new and exciting areas!


A=Administration The divine enablement to understand what makes an organization function, and the special ability to plan and execute procedures that accomplish the goals of the ministry. People with this gift: develop strategies or plans to reach identified goals; assist ministries to become more effective and efficient; create order out of organizational chaos; manage or coordinate a variety of responsibilities to accomplish a task; organize people, tasks, or events. (I Corinthians 14:10)

B=Apostleship The divine ability to start and oversee the development of new churches or ministry structures. People with this gift: pioneer and establish new ministries or churches; adapt to different surroundings by being culturally sensitive and aware; desire to minister to unreached people in other communities or countries; have responsibilities to oversee ministries or groups of churches; demonstrate authority and vision for the mission of the church. (Romans 15:20)

C=Craftsmanship The divine enablement to creatively design and/or construct items to be used for ministry. People with this gift: work with wood, cloth, paints, metal, glass, and other raw materials; make things which increase the effectiveness of others’ ministries; enjoy serving with their hands to meet tangible needs; design and build tangible items and resources for ministry use; work with different kinds of tools and are skilled with their hands. (Exodus 31:3-11)

D=Creative Communication The divine enablement to communicate God’s truth through a variety of art forms. People with this gift; use the arts to communicate God’s truth; develop and use artistic skills such as drama, writing, art, music, dance, etc; use variety and creativity to captivate people and cause them to consider Christ'’ message; challenge people'’ perspective of God through various forms of the arts; demonstrate fresh ways to express the Lord'’ ministry and message. (Acts 21:11)

E=Encouragement The divine enablement to present truth so as to strengthen, comfort, or urge to action those who are discouraged or wavering in their faith. People with this gift: come to the side of those who are discouraged to strengthen and reassure them; challenge, comfort or confront others to trust and hope in the promises of God; urge others to action by applying biblical truth; motivate others to grow; emphasize God’s promises and to have confidence in his will. (Acts 14:22)

F=Evangelism The divine enablement to effectively communicate the gospel to unbelievers so they respond in faith and move toward discipleship. People with this gift: communicate the message of Christ with clarity and conviction; seek out opportunities to talk to unbelievers about spiritual matters; challenge unbelievers to faith and to become fully devoted followers of Christ; adapt their presentation of the gospel to connect with the individual’s needs; seek opportunities to build relationships with unbelievers. (Acts 8:26-40)

G=Giving The divine enablement to contribute money and resources to the work of the Lord with cheerfulness and liberality. It does not ask, “How much money do I give to God?” but, “How much of God’s money do I keep?” People with this gift: manage their finances and limit their lifestyle in order to give as much of their resources as possible; support the work of ministry with sacrificial gifts to advance the Kingdom; meet tangible needs that enable spiritual growth to occur; provide resources, generously and cheerfully, trusting God for his provision; may have special ability to make money so that they may use it to further God’s work. (II Corinthians 8:1-7)

H=Helps The divine enablement to accomplish practical and necessary tasks which free up, support, and meet the needs of others. People with this gift: serve behind the scenes whenever needed to support the gifts and ministries of others; see the tangible and practical things to be done and enjoy doing them; sense God’s purpose and pleasure in meeting everyday responsibilities; attach spiritual value to practical service; enjoy knowing that they are freeing up others to do what God has called them to do. (I Corinthians 12:28)

I=Hospitality The divine enablement to care for people by providing fellowship, food, and shelter. People with this gift: provide an environment where people feel valued and cared for; meet new people and help them to feel welcomed; create a safe and comfortable setting where relationships can develop; seek ways to connect people together into meaningful relationships; set people at ease in unfamiliar surroundings. (I Peter 4:9-10)

J=Intercession The divine enablement to consistently pray on behalf of and for others, seeing frequent and specific results. People with this gift: feel compelled to earnestly pray on behalf of someone or some cause; have a daily awareness of the spiritual battles being waged and pray; are convinced God moves in direct response to prayer; pray in response to the leading of the spirit, whether they understand it or not; exercise authority and power for the protection of others and the equipping of them to serve. (Colossians 1:9-12)

K=Leadership The divine enablement to cast vision, motivate, and direct people to harmoniously accomplish the purposes of God. People with this gift: provide direction for God’s people or ministry; motivate others to perform to the best of their abilities; present the “big picture” for others to see; model the values of the ministry; take responsibility and establish goals. (Hebrews 13:7, 17)

L=Mercy The divine enablement to cheerfully and practically help those who are suffering or are in need, compassion moved to action. People with this gift: focus upon alleviating the sources of pain or discomfort in suffering people; address the needs of the lonely and forgotten; express love, grace, and dignity to those facing hardships and crisis; serve in difficult or unsightly circumstances and do so cheerfully; concern themselves with individual or social issues that oppress people. (Luke 10:30-37, Romans 12:8)

M=Shepherding The divine enablement to nurture, care for, and guide people toward on-going spiritual maturity and becoming like Christ. People with this gift: take responsibility to nurture the whole person in their walk with God; provide guidance and oversight to a group of God’s people; model with their life what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus; establish trust and confidence through long-term relationships; lead and protect those within their span of care. (I Peter 5:2-4)

N=Teaching The divine enablement to understand, clearly explain, and apply the word of God causing greater Christ likeness in the lives of listeners. People with this gift: communicate biblical truth that inspires greater obedience to the word; challenge listeners simply and practically with the truths of Scripture; present the whole counsel of God for maximum life change; give attention to detail and accuracy; prepare through extended times of study and reflection. (Ephesians 4:12,13)

O=Serving The supernatural endowment, ability or desire to serve the practical needs of the body of Christ. People with this gift are able to identify unmet needs in tasks related to God’s work and fill that gap. These people also work well under leadership and direction. They do not feel the need to be in charge and direct the work. They readily pitch in to accomplish desired ministry goals. (Acts 6:1-7)

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