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Selective Quoting

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Chad, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. Check out a neat feature that I recommend everyone utilize, instead of quoting entire posts which is most of the time unnecessary. The feature is called selective quoting. Simply highlight text from a post you want to quote and then click the quote in the pop-up. That's it! Cleaner quoting, cleaner responses and no extra scrolling through giant quoted posts.

    Jump to 3:35 in the video for a simple example. Takes only 15 seconds to see how this works.
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  2. Looks simple enough. Thanks, Chad.
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  3. I noticed that, and have been using it. I agree, that is quite helpful. You can multi-quote with it as well, which is even more cool.
  4. In all thy ways, it is imperative that we study the "true word" of Christ, in order to walk in His will. Too often, we go on what has been taught to us by "hear say". We must study Gods word for ourselves, in order to recognize His voice, for our paths to be directed and His will be done.
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