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Seeking true wisdom?

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by TheSoulTruth, Aug 13, 2017.


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  1. A quick short bio,

    I am a 27 year old male from Louisiana. USA.
    I was spiritually compelled to make this post to try to help and educate others who want to learn more about this faith that they may not have known.

    I am what you may consider to be an open-minded christian.
    Now what this means is, that I do believe in a one true God and creator as well as his son Jesus of course.

    But! unlike most main stream Christians I do not simply add a period at the end of this belief.
    I believe and know for a fact that there is much much more to it than what we learn in church or from the bible, although they are very good for information about my faith I know that there is a lot more to it. For example some things have been hidden, forgotten about, and even taken out of the bible on purpose simply because that pope/person/or ruler at the time didn't believe it!

    Now as we all know, from the time that mankind was first made and from the time that Jesus walked the earth was a long time ago and many many things have been lost, forgotten, hidden, and even purposely removed from the history books (a.k.a. Bible).

    So, what I am here to do is shed light on this lost information.

    I will give you the answers that you seek and the knowledge that your looking for.
    Because like you, I thought that I fully knew and understood my faith from what I was told growing up, And I accepted that this was all there was to it.
    But for the last 2 years of my life my eyes have been opened and my heart, body, and mind is finally at peace simply because I now know the real truths that once were hidden from me.

    Thank you.
  2. Welcome to the forums. Please do not post your email asking others to contact you. Bible discussions are done here, hence the purpose of this community.
  3. Hey, okay sorry about that. Im trying to figure out how to delete it.
  4. Oh it looks like you removed it for me, thank you!
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus @TheSoulTruth

    I have googled " The Soul Truth" and found your writings where you claim to be Jesus.

    Whilst you are very welcome here, please do not share or promote your works, your book or your website.

    Thank you
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  6. Hmm I am sorry but I think you have me confused with someone else, maybe we have the same user name or something but I am not claiming to be Jesus nor do I have a book lol.

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