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Seeking new place to live...

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Please pray that God leads me into the place where I will be comfortable, in peace, and financially be able to live well.

Long story short--I live with a roommate who leases a house and he is selling marijuana there. This is a huge concern for me and I told him about it. I don't feel safe--having drugs in the house. I am currently looking to move by middle of September .

Pls. pray for this young man. I am Angel David, btw. :smile:
Going to church with a mind full of memory negative failures and poverty experience can be a difficult social experience, to try and fit in with those who are committed to going to church, even though they themselves are in the same battle against life's problems where Christ is accepted with faith and to really keep picturing in your mind that Jesus will keep you safe and healthy spiritually - even if your body made of flesh and bone is under a silent attack from bad bacteria and virus-causing disease where healthy foods can only do so much until your final stage of metamorphosis known as Christ's transformation from death to eternal life when Jesus returns to raise us with brand new perfectly Christ-transformed minds and bodies, to socialize in peace with a clear understanding of the English language which I believe will make us communicate better and understand each other without forgetfulness or lack of education. May our victorious Lord Jesus give him confidence supernaturally to feel Christ's positive fruits of fullness such as peace and joy, a super-positive experience that is just a brief glimpse of our future Christ-transformed minds and bodies - even though our minds and bodies are under attack with Satan's spiritual war against our spiritual partner Jesus in our faithful hearts here on Earth. May God's futuristic accommodation-free city: Kingdom of God be a strong remembrance or reminder in the hearts of non-Christians who are not yet believers of Christ.:*:. Rev21:2 .:*:.
is a word I picked to describe how so far advanced is God's kingdom where a green clean future age has only just begun in our modern civilization. I can imagine that water from air has to be created in huge quantities inside God's kingdom especially where there will be no more ocean or sea which means no rainy weather on our future-coming Christ-transformed Earth, to keep our thirsty mouths and our new bodies in full health and full youth. As for the food, not to sure if fast food is on the menu, we will know for certain what healthy meals are available inside God's Kingdom - if there are plenty of restaurants for us to dine and shine without a dime, meaning we won't have to pay for food again I hope.:*:.