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O Lord, I don't understand
My brain screams like a naughty child
But my faith, under pressure, holds firm.

I have so many questions.
I feel the doubt growing.
No. I will not allow it to grow.
There is a war raging in my soul.

Lord you promised to be with me always.
You say to pray & believe the answers will come.
Father I know this is true
Yet it feels like you are so far away.
I'm reaching out but no one's there.

You are my rock; my foundation.
I return to your word for answers
Yes I'm encouraged;
It helps and I'm uplifted.

Lord Jesus you suffered so & never faultered.
You never doubted; never was led astray.
You endured so much for me & stood firm.

O God how weak I am.
I am not worthy of even the breath you give.
You are perfect in all ways
Yet you've created something so weak.

I don't want to question yet I feel so forsaken.
I try to have faith in the only one who can save
Yet my path is strewn with hurdles
O Lord, I'm afraid.

I want to bring you glory but I'm so weak.
I don't know how I'm even going to get through today
You bless me in so many ways
So why is my heart so heavy.

O Father I need help.
I can't do this alone anymore.
The walls are closing in & I'm alone.
I get so tired,
I want to get off this rollercoaster.
Will peace & quiet ever be more than a fleeting moment?

O give me the strength
I'm not strong enough.
My body & mind are exhausted;
They threaten to faulter.
O heavenly father pour out your mercy on this broken soul.

I feel so shattered
Its been so long since I had a reason to be hopeful
I beg for a reprieve yet I'm ashamed for it.

You endured so much agony
What right so I have to complain?
Yet are my steps still so unsure.
If only I had your resolve and stamina.

You created me in your own image
But Lord, I think your mould is broken
I'm so far from being like you
I want to be but I'm so weak.

O my God forgive this lowly soul.
The only way I can hope to be near you is by you carrying me in your awesome arms.
How I long for that.
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