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ONCE there was a little girl named pattie cute little girl with pinktales and a smile that lit the room,every day after school she would run home with her drawing closed up in her hands excited to give it to her mommy, she would run all the way up the steps through the door and her arms opened wide hollering mommy where are you ,I missed you, desiring a warm hug, and give her a picture of scribbles she made for her. mom would snatch it from her hands and through it on the table not even thinking about what it was and yell go do your home work. patties eyes would sadden and fill up with tears,but she would grab the picture she made and carry it to her room. pattie grew up and moved away married had afamily of her own but always prayed for her mom.one day mom was sitting by the window in her aptment and laughter filled her ears she looked out the window and seen a little girl running up to her mommy arms open wide recieving her mothers love and watched them walk away hand in hand. mom grew sad and then thought of her little pattie. oh lord what have i done my pattie is all grown uo she dropped to her knees lord forgive me i never loved pattie the way i should have . as she weeped on her knees covering her eyes with her old frail hands an angel appeared, and said go to her pattie awaits you and give her the hug she longs for. mom quickly drove to the aiport and caught a flight she called pattie when she arrived in her town pattie was so excited drove to ick her mom up she ran through the airport and straight to her mother, mom they hugged as the mother cried pattie im so sorry i never gave you these hugs when you were little, pattie answered oh momma i knew you loved me always knew and i knew it wasnt me you were mad at it was because of dad never being there to help you.i got something for you she handed her mom a shoe box they sat there at a bench pattie what is this, pattie smiled open it. mom did it was all the pictures she drew growing up every little scribble patties mom began to cry you saved them. pattie said yes mom when i was little an angel came to me and told me to save them for you that some day you would need my hug and this would bless you. pattie and her mom hugged and went on to her home where she was with her whole family mom quietly whispered as she watched pattie play with her children and said lord thankyou for my second chance with pattie. the end
remember those little scribbles our children give us arnt just houses and trees or birds its there hug. love your children the way god loves us. merry christmas to you all
ForeverwJesus, your story is beautiful, sister. It reminds me of someone very close to me in my life right now, and my mother. I went to visit Mom in San Diego. She was in the hospital in February 2003 and we shared alot of "mother to son" stuff and learned that she received Christ in her life years ago. I never knew. When I flew back to San Francisco she went into a coma. That was the last time we had a conversation. She passed away on February 16, 2003. Your story shows that our God is a God of many chances and opportunities by His design.

Your brother in Christ Jesus!
My mom passed away when I was 8 years old and when I turned 18 I was given some of her things including a giant cedar chest. Inside that chest was a lock of hair from my first hair cut, pictures I had drawn, notes I had written her, my baby teeth and many more treasures that she had saved of me.
It was the closest I ever felt to her.
Thankyou for sharing that story.
Thankyou for sharing this because my children are slipping through my hands getting older and it reminded me that I hadnt hugged them in a while. Im going to remember when they want a hug not to be too busy or caught up in my own self. Thankyou