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School Revival (free bible?)

Hi, our UKCF Club in our school is going to plan on
a school revival. We are getting help and we're
working on fundraising for $3000 until march of 2006.
At that time, we want to invite as much students in our school
to the revival, which is mostly for non christians and semi christians.
We are trying to make a free giveaway of bibles and I wanted to know
if anyone knows where we can get a huge amount of bibles for free?
Or atleast of a very cheap price.
Also, it would be great if you guys prayed for this revival.
Last year, we hosted at a church that was right next to our school,
but it was small and it consisted mostly of koreans and chinese.
This year, we are planning to do it in our school auditorium which will
be awesome, so that we'll be able to have people from all nationality.
Our school has 4000 people, and we are praying for all those 4000 people..
I would really appreciate it. :D


Chuck, for the Bibles try going to THE GIDEONS INTERNATIONAL, in Nashville Tennessee. If they won't help you go to : http://www.christianbook.com/ or am I not suppose to do this?
I ordered a case of the KJV and got them for 1.50 ea, the small print. I would just email them to see who will give you the best offer.
How did you get the school to let you use their gym ? Was the fund raiser for the Bibles and School or just the Bibles? The children have to pray out side before school. Would you Email and let me know how you did this?
The revival is in the auditorium not the gym. We're in the process of getting permission since the school may have other events and activities during that time. So we are trying to get that date in the auditorium. Also, the whole Fundraising is totally for the Revival... Basically the speaker, t-shirts, cds, food, and bibles. And, every Wednessdays we have SYATP (SEE YOU AT THE POLE). Basically, we have prayer time we the others before schools starts...(before 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period... for time convenience). We do this to pray for our members, the students in the school, and the teachers, revival, and etc. We wouldnt have done many of the things that we did if it wasnt for our new principle last year. He isn't christian, but he has been kind and let us do a lot of things and I see that he's being gradually accepting us and christianity. Hopefully he'll be able to seek after God and that there will be a revival in the school. Oh yea... about the Gideons International in Tennessee, We're in NY and do they have a website?
Thank you for the website. I will try to get it to the organizer and try to get the bibles.
Right now, we have candy/cookie/chips boxes given by the school for each members going around the school selling them to students. We would have to give them back the money after selling them all since the school bought it and the right amount of money would be given back to our club in an account. Also, we are doing bake sale in the cafeteria next week wednessday and the following wednessday. In December, we are going to Manhattan to get some donations by performing such as singing. We also got a voluntary known orchestral group that was willing to give us all the tickets to sell and give us all the profit for them, which was very genorous and kind of them. Hopefully, we would get enought funds by march.