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school kool or?

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btw its not really easy to go to skool, i mean we have to wake up everymorning everyday, well homeworks, projects etc, it is so stressing, but also in skool we will meet new people, new friends dat we share moments, i know many of you can relate to the good the bad and the ugly of the teenage/skool world
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I really used to not like going to school, up until we were able to chose the subjects that we wanted to study. I enjoy the subjects that I am currently studying so I enjoy going to school.
yep i agree with you...
every morning i wake up and get ready go to school still half asleep...
then u come home and have to do homework learn for tests and so on...
but thats the "bad" side....
the "good" side is: You see all your friends everyday and spend almost the half day with
people you really like..hehe

god bless
^^ agreed with that; plus college is better, it's more hard work but you meet a lot of new people and you look forward to more new things
Some days, i really can't be asked to go into school, other days i'm really up for it and want to go in early...It's weird. but i really enjoy the people you meet along the way, it's awesome....i'm hoping i make sense...
Stay Real
Well, I'm homeschooled, but I go through a school down in Florida that sends me videos. It's like being in a real school except that you can't talk or meet anybody. Some days are better than others. I really like to write and come up with new ideas so English is bearable. Spanish and Algebra 2 are my favorites. Many people think I am crazy for liking algebra. *grins*
You Guys, this is perfects. I've been dying to tell you all about it...it's really cool. well yea, school is a drag. it's my last year and i have to get up extra early to take an extra class in the morning to get all my credits so I could graduate early. well it's a drag and i haven't done homework for the longest time but God is blessing me. and i started skipping a lot...:( oh well...

but the cool thing I've been dying to tell you about is...tada...lol..We have an FCA club at school...Fellowship of Christian Athletes. well it's not for athletes though. but yea. and it's like dead right now. but today, a friend of mine and I went to see the guy in charge and we're starting it. we're thinking of changing the name of the club so people wont feel that they have to be athletes to come. but check it out. the leader said that you, as students, could do anything, as long as it's student led. Isn't that just awesome? and guess what? if you have nothing exciting going on in your school, and you want to see more Christians, and you want a revival in your school...guess what? get together with a group of students, and start it. you have every right as students, you just need strong leaders. i'm encouraging all of you. let me know if you need help or anything. and yea, FCA is awesome...

our school is really dark. we got a high drug/pregnacy rate. everyone drinks and does drugs and you know...but we are starting a revival and I'm just excited because as long as God is in charge, and we dont take credit for it, God will do awesome things. Praises to Him. :) blessings to you all. let me know on your part:). bye
ur sis, Tanya
That's Really Cool, Princess487!
That sort of ministry is rather challenging, I'll be praying for you.

As for me, I went to a catholic school when i was little, but then Homeschooled to Now. Technically, I'm a part-time Uni student, but I still use homeschooling for some subjects. Like 3 unit Maths and Biology. I rather Like Developmental Psychology and Ethnomusicology.

Personally, I adopt the stance that whether school is cool, or not, depends on depends on how School and home affect you, and how you affect school and home.

God Bless

Jazzyblues!!! You study ethnomusicology!!!! yes!!!! its really random, but up until this past year i was considering doing that at uni... ive never met or heard of another person who does it!!! so good on ya!!!

As for you Princess... good work!!! its actually alot like what two of my Christian friends and I have started up at my high school. Its a state school and we only get religious education once a term and its not really even religious for the most part. This year as seniors we decided to start a Bible study at school because we are a school of almost 1800 people and we could see and feel a need for it.

We got up on assembly and talked bout it which was really scary... and we were expecting about 10 people to come and the first week we got 19!!! it was an amazing spiritual buzz and its an amazing feeling to help the other kids deepen their relationship with God!!!!

as for school itself... as of tomorrow morning i will be finished all assesment for the term which is very exciting!!! but yeah... my school has a great music program which i go to school early for every morning of the week but i really love it!!! agreed school is better when you choose your own subjects... i do english, maths B (hardest maths), biology, legal studies, music, and modern history. my favs are legal, music and modern.

for me i only have about 150 days of school left til i graduate!!!! yays!!! :)

have fun guys!!!
I don't enjoy school very much. Yes, I love to hang out with my friends and everything, but it's not my favorite place to be. I've learned to like it, though, over the years, because it's going to be in my life until I'm out of COllege, which is a ways away, so why not just learn to like it?

Hey yall...I have always enjoyed going to school during my school career. But this past year I have stuggled so much. And get this...it's my very last year and I really need to do my best. But with me living with my moma and step dad I really ain't got the support that I had when I was living with my daddy! My loving boyfriend of 2 years, Mark, trys his hardest but nothings like having my daddy pushing me to my limits...please tell me that I'm making so kinda scence here.
If anyone has any advice for me please feel free to send me a private message..
God Bless and I love all yall!
:wilted_ro Brandi Johnson:wilted_ro
u were making perfect sense!!! i really hope things improve for you... i can relate... this last year is pretty hard and yet its so hard to get motivated!!! i dont rely on others to motivate me... it doesnt get me anywhere!!! Good luck for this year!!! :)

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