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Say Goodbye

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Say Goodbye

Say goodbye to Daddy, he has to go away,
To protect our country, God bless the USA.
He'll go into the desert and fight for what is good,
He'll stand strong for his country, just like he said he would.
He'll be gone for quite a while but he'll think of you each day.
Tell Daddy that you love him- to keep him strong while he's away.
We'll pray for all the soldiers who've left their families too.
We'll ask the Lord to keep them safe, He'll know just what to do.
Jesus will hold them close to His heart as they fight for what is right,
And some He'll call home to Him upon this very night.
War is sad and angry but sometimes the only choice
To help the ones who've been oppressed- to help give them a voice.
Say goodbye to Mommy, she has to go away.
To fight a war that's far from home, tell her that you'll pray.
Talk to Jesus every day- "keep my mommy strong."
"Tell her that I love her and bring her home before too long."
Our soldiers fighting for the peace of a nation not our own,
Deserve the support of the people here at home.
Don't let word get back to them that protests are going on.
Let them hear of prayer and encouragement to help keep them strong.

By Danielle M. Peck
Submitted by Richard
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