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Saved from Crash

Last weekend,
All of us as a family were going to this lake which we went to 18 years back ( I was a baby then! ).

There was a huge truck/lorry that was going in front of us carrying this huge cylinder of gas or something poisonous. It was in a high speed and our car was right behind it.

As we were going, the tyre of that lorry came out ! ( the driver didn't even realise but nothing happened to the lorry...)
coming right at us but it suddenly diverted into a narrow lane hurting absolute NO ONE!!!! not even hitting any vehicle..

We decided to drive fast to tell the driver about the tyre but very carefully just in case the whole lorry explodes... but i guess that guy still drove very fast and we lost him..

God really protected us and thats because we prayed before we left. Praise God...!
Never leave the house without praying

God Bless you

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