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Saved by grace...

Staff Member
When I first got saved back in Feb '02 I had a little 'mishap' so to speak. I'm a candle lover and always have them lit (several at a time) in my room. I have two small tables (one per side of my bed) and each has two tealights (one per side of the table). The tables are extremely close to my bed therefore the blanket touching the tables on the side. One night I fell asleep reading and forgot to shut the tealights off!

I fell in a deep sleep and I'm telling (read this carefully...very awesome and interesting)....in a complete lighning fast speed response I woke up, saw my blanket (on my stomach) on fire (about a few inches high and side) and quickly put it out (a few other small flames on the blanket) and looked at it for a few seconds, and went back to bed JUST LIKE THAT!. This all happened in a matter of less than 10 seconds!!!! I'm telling you I did NOT smell anything (the fire was a few inches in front of my face!) nor did I see anything (you know..closed eyes under the bright sun you still see a bit of 'red' on the eyelids). This was like an immediate proof of GOD's presence in my room. It was so amazing and He truly saved the day and not to mention most likely my HOME! :)

Praise GOD in the name of JESUS CHRIST!


By the way...Candle Village (ad banner on bottom of every page) is my store. Go look and shop away! :)
Whoa! Be careful of the candles. I'm always telling my roommates not to forget to put 'em out... But they still forget anyways. I'm always having to make sure they're all out before I go to sleep. *sigh* :)