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Satan's Pope led Globalist cabal is ordained to prevail

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Millions of ordinary decent long time Christianish Americans love to hear the following:
Jesus is coming soon ! (before "tribulation" ... before the Beast takes over)
Trump is going to make America great again. Trump is going to save America.
The fact is, The Revelation reveals the above statements are false.

The above statements are lies that Satan hopes you will believe .....
so you will be confused and vulnerable when Trump and "sovereign" USA go down and when the Beast emerges and you are still here on earth wondering what is going on.
The current attack on Trump is just a mere warm-up to what is coming. Currently Satan's Pope led Globalist cabal is just playing with Trump compared to what is coming.
Satan's Pope led Globalist cabal is ordained to prevail. The Beast must have his throne.

Jesus is coming back on the LAST DAY of the 3.5 year reign of the Beast.
Jesus is NOT whisking His people off the earth before the Beast reigns.
Satan wants you to think you'll be whisked away before the Beast reigns,
but it's not gonna happen.

If you think Jesus is going to whisk away His people before the Beast takes over and if you think Trump is going to prevail over Satan's Globalist, then you have no oil in your lamp.
Here's where to get the oil: Revelation 13 - Revelation 20:4 reveals soul saving blessing conveying information about our eras end time sequence of events found nowhere else.

We are in the Revelation era. Not the era of Ancient Israel.
Oft I see post regarding the "rapture," "return of Christ," "end times" and the like.
Oft they cite Daniel, Paul and Matt 24/Mark 13.
Oft they cite little or nothing from the Revelation.
When I see such a post, I know the poster is ignorant of the supreme significance of the Revelation, thus is deceived as to what is going to happen.

ONLY the Revelation God gave Jesus, thence to servants of Jesus, reveals OUR end of era scenario.
Paul and the pre-ascended Jesus wrote-spoke of their own Ancient Israel generation's "end time."
Jesus did not know the content of the Revelation until it was given to Him after He ascended into heaven.
The return of Christ FOR the saved of Ancient Israel took place as Paul and Jesus said it would.
As per Revelation 19, the coming return of Christ is WITH the saved (who were already with Christ as per Revelation 15).

Revelation 13:7 "It was granted to him to wage war with the saints."

Not even a hint of another batch of saints being whisked to heaven before the Beast wages war on the saints.

PreTrib is a major false prophecy of our age designed to make you think you have no need to know how to identify the Beast and have no need to understand the "marking."

Satan wants you confused and vulnerable when the Beast emerges and you are on earth wondering what is going on.