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Sarcastic atheists...why?'s

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by Lanolin, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. Just wondered if people ever encounter sarcastic atheists and how you deal with them.

    Like you might mention God as just part of normal conversation, as you do, and then an athiest will get all hot and bothered about it and talk about purple spaghetti monsters. And Im like where do you get te idea that God is a purple spaghetti monster? I just tell them I dont do sarcasm and they usually shut up. I suppose they live in their own world that's based on the fantasy that its all about them? A fool says in his heart there is no God...
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  2. You must deal with them one person at the time. That is to day, each one is an individual. Some may be open to your spoken words to assist them. Speak to those and pray for them.

    Others are not open to discussions, as you have indicated. For them you simply pray that God will open a door to them. If He does you will know it and go on from there.
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  3. Look at it as a way to present the Gospel to them. :)

    There is a sadness about those who refuse to believe in God, much less that they don't know our Jesus as their Savior.

    Difficult as it may be for you under the circumstances, and for them. Know that you are going about God's business and helping spread the Word. If they refuse it, then politely, because that's who we are :) continue to go about your business and don't engage them anymore. Let your peace return to you. For it is Eternal peace and Love that is being offered and sadly, rejected on their part.

    If they continue to offend. Then pray for them and turn it over to our Father!
    He can handle even the most sarcastic of atheists!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
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  4. Ok will do..just find one yesterday a bit rude like he said he was going to tear the bible to pieces but I have found atheists in general tend to be sarcastic so cant tell if they joking or not. Just they seem angry about something
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  5. If he said that. All you have to tell him is that he's already done destroyed the Bible in his life. He did this by disregarding what all of Creation shows one, which is God's Amazing Glory, and most especially the life, death, resurrection spoken of in His Word. About the only One who cared enough to die for Him. He did this knowing you are just a little angry man! :) Forget that last part, but you see how even in the most despicable of people and their actions can always be an opportunity to share God's Saving Grace through Jesus Christ!
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  6. I will just tell him Jesus loves him.
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  7. In all my dealings with atheists I am fully persuaded that they all believe in God. They are just ''really'' frustrated with him. The norm is to be open minded. They apply effort in a direction away from God / mostly attack on Christianity. Why would they do such unless driven by pain from unanswered prayers or hatred of what is good?

    You have to feel for many of them. We too can go through a similar phase in our lives. We need to watch ourselves and keep the word of God close to our hearts.

    The bible is interesting in Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Note how it does not attempt to persuade the person on the existence of God, rather the solution is to get them to repent and stop doing evil.
  8. Yea they know God is there its just they think they dont need Him.

    I agree.

    Well I did witness a bit yesterday and he was open but he tried to dismiss me by saying oh you are religious.

    Then he didnt want to talk about it. But he did listen. So keep praying. Am working on the repentence lol. One thing that would be good is if he stopped his smoking habit, I challenged him but he said he would get grumpy if he didnt smoke! I have to wash my clothes as probably stink of smoke from spending all week with him. He only smokes cos he is stressed out and frustrated with the world.

    Well thats his reasoning. People like to think they can just do what they want and plan everything and be in control but we cant we really need to let go and take our burdens to Jesus and leave them at the foot of the cross.

    I didnt get to the cross bit yet but have one more week to explain that if he is open.
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  9. #9 Korina359, Sep 28, 2017
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    Do you want to know why we atheists are so angry when jesus or god is brought up?
    It boils down to where they live ultimately, but the more than likely reason is: You guys try cramming this down our throats all the time.
  10. Are you truly offended by Jesus and His impact on the world / Christianity? How so?

    What part of the bible or what teaching offends you? Christians who teach and are taught to turn the left cheek? Love their enemies? Lay their lives down for others? Giving without expecting anything in return?

    Atheists who think like you do need to try and grasp that Christians want to do outreaches / get in your face because they are driven by love and selflessness. That Christian standing in the street preaching for example, would much rather be at a game drinking beer.

    See things for what they are. Christianity 101 is to judge ourselves harshly because we often think we are not the problem.

    It is going to be a terrible and sad day when one runs out of time and finds themselves cast out of heaven with the wicked Luke 13:28.

    You will have regrets of not applying yourself to discern better. Christians who do nothing but sleep all day will have regrets of not trying to reach out and help others. So it is very good Christians that cause offense. Stop taking offense from feathers / lambs that come with love and best wishes. Get over yourself. You don't deserve the attention, but you get it / we all get it....because Jesus loves us. Jesus got in all our faces when He died for us.
  11. I can't help laughing at this one Lanolin....They resort to sarcasm because they cannot answer the Word! There is no argument to the Word.
  12. not our job to convince anybody of anything, as a matter of fact only the holly spirit can do that, if they do not want to listen to the message of the gospel move on, don't waist your time.
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  13. Yea, Athiests can only answer with swear words cos thats the only word they really know.

    But swear words dont save anybody they are just empty rubbish which they ram down other peoples throats everyday so its pot calling the kettle black, do as I say, not as I do.

    Christian..Jesus Loves you.
    Atheist...smoking cigarette...stop trying to ram down my throat! Cough cough splutter bleep!
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  14. actually an athiest called Judas tried to kiss Jesus and then got him killed.

    As far as i know Jesus never rammed anybody down the throat. He healed people and just told them about God. God is so far above anyone that any charge that He could ram anybody down the throat is absurd. Even when we speak in tongues, the spirit gives utterance its not actually us and it isnt 'rammed down' if you dont want to listen or accept the truth its your loss.

    No need to get angry.
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  15. He believed in God, Just didn't believe God.
  16. I have been on TJ's for sometime now and other sites and have never seen one true Christian trying to "cram-down" anything down some, self-proclaimed, Atheists' throat. I have always seen the opposite, a proclaiming Atheist comes with this "chip" on their shoulder and looking for an argument.

    If the truth (which you are void of) be known, you may be here seeking something you are missing in your life. Don't be so negative, open're in cyber-space; no one change or hurt you, just listen to what others have to say!
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  17. Hi, Lanolin. I THOUGHT I felt my ears burning. (hee-hee)

    Seriously, I have been that sarcastic atheist. Speaking for myself (who is all I CAN speak for), when interacting with people who I know to be religious, I reserve my sarcasm (which can be venomous and withering, I admit) for only two situations:

    1. When my correspondent turns a conversation into a personal attack (either against me or against some other participant who did not initiate any hostile behavior).

    2. OR when a correspondent casually makes some morally reprehensible statement.

    I know these rules don’t necessarily safeguard against ALL bad behavior. I have met some atheists who take it as a “personal attack” when you tell them they are going to Hell. To me, that’s no attack at all. If there is a God and I don’t abide his will, of course, I’m going to Hell. Naturally.

    I don’t read statements like, “Muslims are going to hell,” or, “Homosexuals are going to hell,” as morally wrong for the same reason. However, I DO confront people who say things like, “America is a Christian nation and Muslims had better convert or shut up,” (one I have heard) or, “Homos should either kill themselves or be killed,”(sadly, another I have actually heard). When I confront people who say such things, I feel that simply saying, “That’s disgusting and wrong,” feels inadequate, and may not convey enough of the outrage I sense at such reprehensible opinions. My options at that point are few. I can either say, “That’s REALL, REALLY, REALLY… …REALLY WRONG,” I can resort to plain insult and name-calling (which communicates my anger, but does no more to explain WHAT I find so objectionable), or I can analyze and ridicule. This last option is, for me anyway, much more satisfying and, unlike the other two options, offers an opportunity to illustrate WHY the idea I am objecting to is so wrong.

    You and I have interacted a few times here recently, and I hope I haven’t come off as very sarcastic. At least I don’t recall anything in those conversations which caused me to take out my “[explitive] YOU BAG.” And I’m pretty sure you’d know if I had. Not to toot my own horn, but once I got Mahatma Gandhi to come after me with a fire axe.

  18. There are born again christians who arent actually religious, but spiritual. Atheists do not seem to know the difference, even when its being explained to them. Many atheists accuse christians of just being religious when they arent.

    Because the natural man has no understanding or experience of what it is to be spiritual, they really cannot know and resort to name calling. Sad.
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  19. 1 corinthians 2:14
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  20. Hey, KingJ. I honestly do not believe that God or Jesus exist. I am not absolutely certain they do not, or cannot, exist. But, in my experience, they possess no more reality than any imaginary character and I behave accordingly.

    PLEASE try not to take offense at that. I don’t mean it as any sort of insult or challenge or defiance. If I am wrong and they ARE real, I accept whatever consequences come my way because of that. But I can’t be honest with you and describe my opinion on their existence any other way.

    And, yes, I am familiar with the scriptural passages describing anyone who thinks as I do as a fool and a wicked person who runs to do evil, etc. etc. I don’t take any offense at such verses for the same reason I don’t worry about salvation or the fate of my eternal soul.

    That having been said, if I DID believe in the existence of God as described in the Bible, I think I would find a great deal of his doctrine unjust. But I can’t say for sure. Maybe if I did believe, one component of that belief might be an acceptance if his terms and conditions. But, from the outside looking in (and I have not always been on the outside), and after years of paying close attention to any apologia I come across, I don’t find sufficient cause to consider the Judeo/Christian God “just.”

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