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Sarah Palin and Abortion

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. Hank Hanegraaff Speaks Out on Sarah Palin and Abortion

    I’ve been watching the presidential debates, the interactions, the dialogues, and the conventions. I’m particularly interested in Sarah Palin and how she is being savaged by the media elite. People like Gloria Steinem as a feminist who says the only similarity between Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin is a chromosome. The media is particular savage about the view that Sarah Palin evidently has with respect to abortion. They think this is back woodsy, that this folksy, that this is the kind of thing held by a moose hunter, someone who is not educated. I think exactly the opposite is true.

    One of the issues that have been brought up over and over again in regards to abortion is, “Should abortion be permitted in the case of rape or incest?” Well I think this is often used as an emotional appeal that is designed to deflect serious consideration of the pro-life position. How can anyone deny a hurting women safe medical care and freedom from the terror of rape or incest by forcing her to maintain a pregnancy resulting from the cruel and criminal invasion of her body?

    The emotion of the argument often precludes serious examination of its merits. So you have media elites who get emotional over this and certainly this is an emotional issue but you have to think about these things rationally and clearly, not just on the basis of your emotion. I think that this is precisely what Sarah Palin is doing.

    First, it is important to note that the incidents of pregnancy as a result of rape are rare with studies estimating that approximately one percent to four point seven percent result in pregnancy. So lobbying for abortion on the basis of rape or incest is like lobbying for the removal of red lights because you might have to run one in order to rescue someone who is about to commit suicide. Even if we had legislation restricting abortions for all reasons other rape or incest we would save the vast majority of the some two million pre-born babies who die annually in the United States through abortion.

    Furthermore, one does not to obviate the real pain of rape or incest by compounding it with the murder of an innocent pre-born child. As Sarah Palin well knows and clearly articulates two wrongs don’t make a right. The very thing that makes rape evil also makes abortion evil. In both cases an innocent human being is brutally dehumanized.

    Finally, let me make the point that Sarah Palin would make and she is an articulate spokesperson for life. The real question should be, “Is abortion the murder of an innocent human being?” That’s the question we should be asking. It is Gloria Steinem who is still living in the backwaters of 19th century science, not Sarah Palin. If in fact abortion is the murder of an innocent human being abortion should be avoided at all costs. In an age of scientific enlightenment we now know that the embryo even at its earliest stages fulfills the criteria needed to establish the existence of biological life. It has metabolism, development, the ability to react to stimuli, and cell reproduction. We know then that a zygote is a living human being and not only does it have these features as it were but it is demonstrated to be distinct by a distinct genetic code. We also know that human personhood does not depend on size, location or level of dependence. For those scientific reasons, abortion should be avoided even in cases of rape or incest.

    So it turns out the media elite living in cultural Mecca’s are not quite as sophisticated as Sarah Palin who lives in Alaska. Maybe Sarah Palin has had more time to interact with the scientific literature. Therefore, she is not relying on emotion and rhetoric but on reason and empirical science. Now I know there are a lot of guys out there who want to marginalize Sarah Palin because she’s a women but Gloria Steinem has no excuse. She should just get out her science book and spend an hour reading instead of blowviating all over the news print. It’s disgusting quite frankly and I think it’s about time that we spoke out against people who are no longer committed to reason and evidential substance.
  2. Some people would love to steer all the political debate and rhetoric toward the state of the world economy when the most important issue remains the state of the world's morality.

  3. Chad, what a beautiful and articulate post.

    I taped her on C-Span this morning. I came in right where she was discussing her discovery Trig would have special needs. Both my twelve and my almost fifteen watched, so I saw it three times not counting the rewinds.

    I cried every time.

    I knew that about Barack. I just knew that. I heard it on Rush, and I already knew it was true.

    He is Bad with a capital B.

    Carry your bible and read it often.
    Know and love your constitution.

    God bless Sarah Palin.

    We want our governor back.

    Bless up.
  4. Glory

    I say Rush for president!!! The choice is not looking good right now.
  5. Oh ditto.

    I'm writing in Sarah Palin.

    I sure like Huckabee too.

    Rush doesn't want the job.
    Could you imagine though?

    Bless up!
  6. sigh.....

    Well all attention is focused on Sarah Palin. The problem is that she is not running for president. The vice president has very little authority, yet everyone stares and awes at Sarah Palin.

    To be honest, There should be some government force that just steps in and says, "Sorry, we can not let you folks be president." and put some real Candidates up to choose from. I would rather see Sarah for President, we could throw Biden in as vice president even though he has some silly ideas about things. At least he seems a better choice than Obama.

    Something is very wrong, We see Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!!!!
    2 Obama, and something McCain said............

    My vote would be for McCain because of Palin. She is filled with the Holy ghost and Prays in tongues. She has a great chance to at least hear from God if the missiles start to fly.

    We really need to pray................ Think of all those Muslims and bad guys Waiting for George to step down. They are licking their chops......

    Even Russia is getting more bold with us, knowing that George will soon not be President.

    It is a very interesting time we are living in....

    Jesus Is Lord.
  7. I was going to write-in Sarah Palin until McCain tapped her.

    He has not comported himself at all well these past couple of weeks.
    I am unimpressed and am back to writing-in Palin.

    A) McCain will carry Alaska anyway.
    B) By the time we vote the election is usually decided.
    C) I won't vote for someone I don't like as a candidate.

    I like Jesse Ventura's idea that we should be able to vote against.

    There should be a "What? Are you kidding me?" box next to each candidate as well.

    Bless up!
  8. ha..

    Well................... someone got ta be da president.........


    I could go for Jesse though, or even Arnold.
  9. Poor liberals

    I totally agree with Chad's observation that most questions centering on abortion actually seem to be emotional appeals.

    I was shocked by a certain article i was reading that since 1967 when abortion was legalised in England, the society has transgressed the norm whereby over 200,000 abortions are procured, and they do not fit the common emotional mold of "rape or incest cases".This has become an issue now in the U.K. where women can procure abortions almost as a "right", while at the same time making the issue at odds with the so-called "foetal rights", the rights of the unborn to live without any threats to life from pre-natal habits of or smoking.

    It seems once you open a doorway to such issues,the door soon turns to a gate that society will find impossible to close until its too late.So Palin-bashers are more cannibalistic on this issue than you can imagine.

    I believe that God views abortion the same way he viewed the old-testament sacrifices to the pagan God Moloch.
  10. Me too.

    Bless up.
  11. #11 Whendancer, Oct 14, 2008
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2008
    What sayeth the bible...

    While the media floods the airwaves and other forms of "tin cans and wire" about what men and women have to say about the subject of abortion, let's not forget the only source of truth there is! The Bible! Research and reflect on all of the examples that God has given us in the Old Testament: Eve, Sarah, Leah, Rachel, and Michelle, (to name a few) to get one message across to ALL HUMANKIND: I AM THE ONE THAT OPENS AND SHUTS THE WOMB! I AM THE LIFE-GIVER!
    Think about it, Family, not every act of intercourse results in a pregnancy. And, the ones that do are only because God has deemed it so, not man! And,when did mankind get to the place where it feels that it's okay to "abort" a life because the circumstances by which it came into being did not meet our standards of "perfect conditions and ideal environments." (Dare I bring up those early "fruit of the womb" inspections that have caused other little ones to be "plucked" from their vines as soon as it was discovered that they were "flawed!") Where does this murderous arrogance come from? Who comes to kill, steal, and destroy? And, the answer is...........?


    Yes, I agree that incest and rape are horrific conditions for a life to enter into existence. But, Family, it is STILL a life and deserves a chance to be nurtured and loved no matter what!
    We must remember this truth: God's ways are above ours. There is so much in this world that defy logic. God is Sovereign and does what pleases Him. And, needs not explain to us why He has something so precious come into this world in such an awful way. God is God!
    And, He what He does is good! He is the Life-Giver. That's a good thing, isn't it? Anyone else what the job? Not me!
    Let's, also, try and be more generous to ministries that have undertaken to help unwed mothers who have decided to let this life come into this world. They need donations of nursery items as well as money. And, while you are at it: Foodshelves welcome cans of baby formula as well as baby food items and disposable diapers.. I know because I used to work in one. (If you knew just how many mothers came in to get formula and food for their newborns and infants, you would have a Feed Their Baby Drive in your own congregation! The need is just that great!!)
    Let the media continue to quote candidates and radio talkshow hosts and whatever "flavor of the month" celebrity that's promoting their book, movie, cd, dvd, "me-me-me"..(yawn)...I am not impressed.

    My only question is and ALWAYS will be: WHAT SAYETH THE BIBLE!

    Blessings, Family!
  12. The church voted for bush because he claimed to be a Christian.
    The church voted for Bush because he had morals.
    The church voted for bush because he was anti- gay marriage
    The church voted for Bush because he was pro- life.

    8 yrs later our style of voting have not change and that’s because the problem did not change, 8yrs of no moral change. The genocide of the muslims are still going on no change. Soldiers are coming home with nothing to hold on to no change.

    I like the phrase no change. Because it reminds me that Government can never be God.

    Stop putting your trust in these men full of opinions and beliefs, and start trusting God, because God will never change.

    Judgment is coming soon.

    When I turn on the news and I see all the destruction and fail economy..
    I remember this verse.

    The famine was because of Saul's blood thirsty ways, the people suffered because of their ruler. Leaders can be Christians but unless they make that stand and create real change, lip service is not enough.

    Disasters, depression/Recession and Famine can be 2 things.

    God's judgment on a country or nation.

    God trying to bring people to repentance.

    The amount of innocent blood draining from this land, I'll say it’s both.

    Go out and vote, but just remember your life is in God’s hands its his will not the Governments will be done.

    As a roaring lion, and a ranging bear; so is a wicked ruler over the poor people. Proverbs 28:15

    Proverbs 29:2
    When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

    Palin showed her God fearing heart, when her audience screamed kill him and terrorist towards Obama. By their fruits you’ll know them, Mc Cain he did his part by putting a woman in her place when she was insulting Obama, but where was God in Palin’s heart that she could entertain, people screaming.

    Kil him
    Kill him
    Kill him
    I don’t know if it’s a soccer mom thing, but it makes me wonder what kind of people was at that assemble. Kill him, kill him….that bothers me. Who are those supporters. Mc Cain I respect , but Palin can speak in tongues and quote scripture and Paul would say this.

    If I speak in the languages of humans and angels but have no love, I have become a reverberating gong or a clashing cymbal.1 Corinthians 13:1

    Kill him, Kill him…2008 and we still have people like that living among us and won’t correct them.

    Every action has a reaction and her statements about Obama got a reaction ..Kill Him.

    God have mercy when political leaders entice their supporters emotions to a dangerous level.
  13. Well, I can't speak for "the church" but that's now why I voted for him.


    Did you know that this accusation was never proven and that the Scrantum secret service says it never happened? BTW my sister is a soccer mom, so no, it's not a soccer mom thing.
    There is a frenzy in the media to support obama to the point that journalistic principles of authentacation and verification are not even practiced anymore. This accusation and it's conclulsions are pretty extreme, right up there with "obama's a muslim terrorist!" I would hope people read and listen to many news sources with a critical ear and get as many facts as possible before drawing such a disparging conclusion about a candidate.

    I would link my sources but I am still under 50 posts and can't.

    But speaking of facts, we do know for sure that Sen. Obama fought against the Infants Born Alive Act, designed to keep hospitals from starving infants to death after they had the nerve to survive a late term abortion. He did this to thawrt any threat to Roe vs. Wade. This is a verifiable fact so people can consider it and draw their own conclusions. IMHO, there is never a good reason to intentionally starve newborns to death.
    This I agree with you on, for Democrats and Republicans!
  14. Sad too that some Americans don't even know what Roe vs. Wade is all about.

  15. Anybody who believes that the Republicans will ever end abortion is crazy. Republicans cannot end abortion without giving up one of the main campaign issues that they use to drive gullible conservatives to the polls come election day. They simply won’t do it. They value their political offices more than they value human life.

    Republicans keep saying that abortion is a state issue; it is no more a state issue than slavery was. If abortion is murder in one state, it must be counted as murder in all states.

    Republicans keep saying that they cannot do anything about abortion until the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. But since the Roe decision was issued Republican presidents have appointed 7 justices to the Supreme Court (O’Connor, Kennedy, Scalia, Souter, Thomas, Alito and Roberts). Idiots like McCain say they don’t want any litmus test for Supreme Court justices, so why on earth should we expect to ever have a court majority that will overturn Roe? When human life is at stake, we need a litmus test.

    And since the Court cannot issue decisions without having a case before it, the Court will never have any opportunity to overturn Roe if the Republicans in Congress and the state legislatures are unwilling to legislate against abortion.

    As for Palin, I won’t be voting for president. I don’t like McCain because of McCain-Feingold and his history of philandering. I don’t like Palin because no decent mother would abandon her children for a job that will run 24-7.
  16. She isn't abandoning her children.
    They have a father, you know.
    And they go everywhere with her anyway.

    There's a reason she's running and not Todd.

    I'm glad I live in Alaska.

    It's a conservative state. Even our so-called "radical secessionist" party is a very conservative, Constitutional party.

    The goal of the Alaska Independence Party is to hold the federal government accountable to their contracts, the law, and the Constitution.

    The nerve!

    I can vote my conscience- we're the last in line and only have three electoral votes.

    I'll wait; if it looks close I'll vote McCain-Palin.
    Otherwise, no.

    I still may just write in Sarah Palin,. which was my original plan before she got tapped.

    It isn't pretty.

    Bless up!
  17. I agree so completely.

    I also believe that no decent mother would send her children off for many hours a day five days a week to become wards of shills of the politically-correct Godless-socialist propaganda machine.

    So, pretty much once someone sends their kids to public school or really any school at all instead of taking personal responsibility for their education, that's where I draw the line.

    But I get over it in day-to-day life and in picking my politicians.


    God said to raise up our children, not to tax one another to pay someone else to do it.

    Bless up!
  18. The last time I checked it takes both a mother and a father to adequately raise children. Palin cannot be an adequate mother and an adequate VP. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to be both.

    Since the U.S. Constitution prohibits secession (since the perpetual union that came with the Articles of Confederation is still binding on the states and federal law is the supreme law of the land, thus secession is impossible), no party that advocates secession can be constitutional.
  19. Who are you to judge someone else's way of raising their kids? Your other thread was deleted because you ripped Palin apart with your judgmental comments left and right. Do you know her in person? Are you better than her as a parent too? Do you even have kids of your own to understand the hardships of raising children in today's times?
  20. Abortion!

    Abortion is a quick and easy denial of the sin of two people. If they could see a film of an abortion, would they feel remorse? That depends their integrity, which should come from their parents. If moral standards are not taught at home, their children will likely live without morals.

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