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Sarah Edwards, after prayer this morning and some thought I thought of her, never read her Biography but knew. Of her from others Biographies

So this Morning my thoughts concerning her, lead me to look up some things about her.
Now if one is a person who’s privy or earnest interest is in Biblical related Biographies and have been“Gifted” by GOD to do so, how bless that is.

From day one, in answering that pursuit of the sound as if it was “A distant drummer”, I can still sense those old wooden floors of “The Grand Bible Book Store”,

If you had not the money to buy the book, but you could pray there and ask GOD, to guide you what book to pick-up and review it, and he would lead you to place it in lay-a-way and pay $2.00 a week until it was paid for and take it home. You stood for hours praying and after praying you stood and review within those couple of hours.
How bless that was. Somehow all books that I chose where “Calvinistic””, Puritan”, I didn’t even know it and all committed each other’s and I didn’t know it. “I was just a child of GOD” reading a child of GOD, books.
No Pentecostal books, no Methodist books, no Baptist books, no word of Faith books, no T.D. Jakes books, no Joel Osteen books, no Beth books, no Joyce meyers books, nothing but “Books by “PURITANS”. 14,15, 16, 17, 18 centuries books, all chosen by Prayer, standing in a old Bible wooden floor smelly book store. Books chosen by tears and prayer. No advice from anybody. Only thing I every heard was stay away from “John Calvin” heck I didn’t even know what that meant! I never heard of The Man and I had no idea what a “Calvinist” was:joy:
Until about 10 years latter!:joy: My wife had to tell me that.

“you don’t sound like these preachers, you sound like these over here”

My response:
Over where?:joy:

You sound just like: RC Sproul, John MacArthur.

My reply: well who are they!:joy:

She said I send them money all the time,

You say the same thing they say, I don’t understand them, and I don’t understand you !

You talk just like them!:joy:

So, today this morning I was bless by a short Biography about “Sarah Edwards” by “Noel Piper”. John Piper’s wife.

It was Rich, in The Flow of Thick “Holy Oil” that only flows from “Heavens Throne”.