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Safari and the terrorists

We shall share the stories with God, to his honour! So I will tell you a funny storry:

I was working as a forester in the woods of Germany. I drove with my car a small forest-way, as a van came toward me. The driver stops, turned down the window. He was around 50 years old, 3 days beard, longer hair and talked to me. He sayed his girlfriend was there in the forest living in a camper and the owner of the forest knows it and the chief-forester, so she is allowed to stay.

I thought by myself, "oh no, now are the prostitutes even in the forest!" Because they were standing in cambers left and right side besides the "highway" there. I drove to that camper and parked there, because I had to work in that area. In the lunge-break, I was sitting in my car, came this woman, barefood out of the forest and talked to me. First she spoke with a strong french accent, but lost it, the more we talked. She told me, she had to stay there, because she can't stand the radiation of the mobile-phones (handies) and that she is hardly allergic against everything ...

We talked in the breaks, she and her husband were really intellectual and phillosophical educated. I talked to them about the bibel and Jesus and about Israel (Israel was a wrong topic, they did know more than I about the actual situation! lol).

Then a plain flew over us and the woman started to turn her eyes and crickiness with her touth, and did moan and were shaking! She really had pain. I gave them a good christian book and invited them to visit me in my house!

The next day, they did leave that area, because a big mashine (Harvester) started to work there. The chief-forester came to me and he did ask me, if I had seen the mobile-camper. I sayed yes, of course. He asked: Do you know who that was? I sayed: no. He explained, that these both had been in the leadership of the RAF (Red Army Fraktion), a terroristic organisation in the 70th and 80th, wich did threw bombs and did kill the leader of a big german bank-organisation and rob banks and militarry-weappons!

The point is: Jesus even has people, who can bring the gospel into the last edge of the forests or world! He even loves people we never will think of or know about!

GBU all the people outside in the fields of mission or where ever you are called to evangelize!

yes so true we all need to be careful because God may put someone like this in our path and if we judge then we may miss the chance good on ya saf