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Safari and the mother of the pastor

I was once on a castle with the members of a church. It was a leisure time of the church, to spend the holidays together. There were these really old nice ladies, I liked really much. We talked a lot together. The oldest was called Aunt-Sophie, she was 96 years old.
On the evening-service the pastor did teach about the different levels of faith and did ask the church: Is there someone, who will get upon to the next higher level of faith and worship? Think, who was fastest infront of all?! Yeah, Auznt-Sophie did jump of the chair and run infront to get higher to God! She is the oldest member of the church and a big prayer-worrier! As we younger-once did go down in the evening to the town, Aunt-Sophie did stay. My friend told me and showed me her window: Look up there, untill late in the night the light will shine in Aunt-Sophies window, because she is praying for us! Isayed to him, yes, legions of angels are standing in devisions in her door and she commands them out in the world!

Then the Sonday morning service did start and the old mother of the pastor talked to me at breakfast. She was not looking so good and I asked her, how she is. She told me that she had headache and a bad throat, and she would feel il. I asked her, if they didn't have prayed for her! She sayed, yes the elders did pray for her, but the illness did stay.

Then the service did start and we did worship the Lord. It was lying on my heart so strong, that I started to pray for healing for this old ill lady. Then in the worshiptime the old woman jumped out of her chair, did lift up her arms and did worship the Lord with such a clear and loud voice, that it echoed in my ears!

Then I did ask her, what did happened and she sayed, as all started to sing in tongues I felt a wormth comming over me, floating through me like waves and I felt, how all illness did leave my body and I was healed!

I sayed, praise the Lord, in that moment, the singing in tongues did start I started to pray for healing for you, because it was lying in my heart!

She did give a testemony to the church about this!

God can do much more! He got the glory power! I did see more healings and miracles and all the other christians here in TJ are able to tell more! So glory to our Godfather, to God the son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit!
Your words are awesome, i sure do enjoy your stories, they encourage me in ways i didn't think they would Lol Thanks for sharing that
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