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Safari and the Jogger

Safari and the Jogger

Last year I came to Hanover/Germany and took part on an evangelistic stake. We were taught in the morning. They told us a kind of system, what he had to ask the people on the street, to share then with them the gospel. You know, questions like: “If you die today, do you know, that you got eternal life?”, or “if you die today, do you know, where you’ll go?” and something like “if you are dying and you would stand in front of God and he asks you: Why shall I let you in my kingdom? What would you say?” And then we learned the right answers and the bible verses.
So well educated we went outside the streets in small groups. On our way, one guy asks me nervous: “What has been still the first question?” “What was the next?”
Then! The first people! Someone unrolled the question No. 1. The people looked at him really angry and went on. Ok, failure. We went on and tried it again and again. Some people had been really interested. We went around a big lake in that town, because lots of people were there on their feet’s. And a lot of jogger had been running around it, but nearly no saunterer.
Then slowly but surely it became boring. I looked behind the joggers and thought, nobody is reaching them. So I gave my jacket and my bag with the tractates to my neighbor and started to run beside a jogger and said: “Hi!”
Jogger: Hi!
Safari: Has already someone told you while running, from Jesus?
Jogger: No.
Safari: Then you get now premiere!
I told him the gospel. He was so open for it. I was amazed! He was so open and so fit, that I had to run a long way with him, until near the center of the town. While jogging with him, he did ask me, if I’m a pastor. I said no, I gotta still earn my money in a sincere way. lol (sorry for that joke)
On my way back, it has been a very long way, I met a young woman, standing at the lake and starring on the water. The Holy Spirit told me, not to go by. I talked with her. She had big problems in healthy and unemployment. I could share the gospel again and invited her to the evangelistic evening event. She came and went in front, as the altar-call came!
We kept staying in contact for a longer time, but then she became quiet and didn’t answer phone-calls etc. Then, month later, I went to a prayer-conference to Hanover. After that in the evening, I went outside to the parking place. There was a woman on her knees, (no not praying!) searching with a candle under the cars for something. I thought by myself, go and help her. I went. In that moment, she got up and looked in my eyes. I said hi and recognized, it was the woman from the lake! We went inside the conference-center and did talk a long time, till they closed it. On the parking-place she asked me for prayer. I did and while praying, she started shaking and the Holy Spirit flew through her body and touched her in a strong way.
God has his people everywhere! I’m excited, what will happen next.

God is great and blesses you all in TJ everywhere in the world!

Shalom, Safari.