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Safari and the crazy Yugo

Safari and the crazy Yugo

As I went to the language-school at the end of 2003, and learned Swedish, to emigrate there, I had to spend 4 month in Flensburg (North-Germany). I said to Jesus: Ok, Lord, I wanna see, what you’ll do if I do my best for you. It really had been a crazy time.
In the beginning we were in a selection-procedure and had to do one week tests. There attracted attention a crazy biker from Yugoslavia. He was a crazy, funny guy, a macho also. I thought by my self, Lord give me that guy in the language-school. If he would be saved, he could with energy help saving the world! Jesus did it. The Yugo, like he wanna be called, managed the tests. I call him in the following so, it’s no discrimination meant.
I settled into town with a guy from East-Germany together in a small flat. That was a really nice guy, I tell ya. He had all the character-qualities, that Christians should have. Such a nice guy, every time polite and helpful. No one and nothing could anger him! There had been only one situation, he lost his face. And the Yugo was part of it. I call this man Peter in this story.
I lived together with Peter in this 2-rooms-flat. I said to Jesus: You have to give me this guy, he must be saved! In this 4 months I tried all, I drag all registers of evangelism, to reach out to his soul. I laid all over the flat tractates out, showed him Christian films, gave him Christian books, told him the gospel, … everything I did know, I tried. But Peter won’t do the deciding step!
Then settled the Yugo in, because he hasn’t found a room and lived on our couch in the living room, next to Peters room, which had no door. We recognized too late that the Yugo had drug and alcohol problems. He has been absolutely unsocial and not able to do the easiest work in the house, like washing up or cook, or clean the bath. We had to clarify behind him. He said, that that is no mans work! But the Yugo recognized the Christian tractates and was part of long nights discussions. Then one night, I could share with him the gospel and he told me under tears, that he wanna receive Jesus as his Lord and savior. We prayed together and he layed in my arms crying like a baby. Remember, the macho and biker, a strong big violent man! It was such a turning around I never saw in my life before. He stopped drugs, drove the following weekend home and clarified some big private problems, gave his house to a poor Christian friend for the time he is away, or made it as a present to him, if he gets work in Sweden.
He came back and I took him to the church and there he was also crying. But then he starts taking drugs again and it became worse than before. He got delusions as he eavesdropes me on a phone call. He raged in my room and impend me to shout me or do something other to me, I really didn’t want to know. The first time in my life I had been really afraid for my life. He was a dangerous guy out of a criminal milieu.
Peter and I could get the key from him and we through him out. He moved under the roof, where he found a place to sleep. He made us a little sorry and we gave him the key back, that he could use our toilet and shower, the kitchen and the tv came later further. But not the couch, because another guy settled in our 2-rooms-flat. It was a 44 years old longhaired, full bearded atheistic poet. We had again long night discussions. But he also didn’t want to get saved. One morning I came into the kitchen and saw the open house-door. You won’t believe that picture! The poet did stand in under-trousers head in the open house-door, long hair, full beard and a big belly, stretched on Leg then the other and than came bag in the Lotus-Seat. I hoped, no one of our neighbours would see it! He made Yoga.
A lot of things did happen in that time, just only Peter didn’t wanna get saved! I make it short. The end of our language-school came, all got jobs in Sweden except me. But God told me to go to Sweden. I got really depressed about it. Then the last 3 days with the tests came, I gave away all my furniture’s, slept on the ground, had lost everything and got no job! I didn’t wanted to go to the tests and stayed home the first day of it. The school rang me angry and I had to come their. My Swedish-teacher was so angry and said, you won’t write the tests of yesterday! That was it, I thought, no SFI-completition, I needed to immigrate. The next tests went around, I took one and started to write. All finished, except of me. I thought, how can this be, I’m not the worst in this course! The Teacher got angry again and said, stop writing and give it back! My neighbour looked on my paper and said: He has the test of yesterday, that was longer! The teacher said: That can’t be, I won’t let him write that test of yesterday! She won’t believe it, came to my place, looked on it and sayed, that can’t be, how did you get the tests of yesterday?! She wondered much and said infront of the whole class: That must be Gods will, that you go to Sweden! I went!
Peter just didn’t became a Christian! Then he and his girlfriend came one weekend and did visit me in my little red timber house, next to the sea. From the first hour on started his girlfriend asking me about the bible and Jesus! We did talk the whole night through, except of Peter, he went already at midnight to bed. They drove on Sunday, without a decision for Jesus!
We stayed in contact; I settled back to Germany and started to work self-contained as a forester in the woods. Then one day I got a phone-call from Peter. He told me that he and his girl-friend are now Christians! First his girl-friend met a teacher from the Pentecostal church and started to ask again questions. The teacher answered it all, they did spend a long time together, and the he leads them to Jesus! Now the girlfriend of Peter is working in alpha-courses, to lead other young Christians and searchers through the bible!
So, if you won’t see a result unfortunately, don’t give up hope, prayer and worship! The Lord is in control! I could tell you lots of more stories of it!