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Safari and the Angel of God

Safari and the Angel of God

It was in the time I worked as a paramedic on an ambulance. The usual Alarm went up: “Meep, meep, meep, … drive Kings Road No. 115, … Alcohol-abuses, …” We drove. We came into that used mess. A lady in age 40 I think, had really strong problems with alcohol and was hardly depressed. But it was nothing for the hospital. We had to go again. These are the frequenters on an ambulance. We closed the door and left behind this sad woman. On the way back to the ambulance, I said to my colleague, I’ve forgotten something and went back to the door and pushed a tractate under the door with a little prayer and left the house. On this point I gotta say, that it is not allowed to do this, because we are not allowed to take advantage of the illness or mental weakness of people for christian evangelism. And they look on nondenominational churches as they were sects in my country. I could have lost my job because of this acting.
Some weeks later, I got a phone-call from the pastor, which church-address I had written on the tractate, because it was the next Baptist Church, near that woman. He asked me a little nervous: “Have you been to that alcoholic lady in the Kings Road and push a tractate under her door?” I said: “Oh, äh, I didn’t want to drag you inside of it, I’m sorry, äh, but …” “You are an angel of God!” – (silence) Thoughts went through my brain. “No, you are an angel of God!” I thought, what the hag is going on here? And the pastor told me the story, that the woman had big problems and did drink to much, she was an alcoholic and on that evening, she didn’t know what to do, she did call the ambulance to receive help, they went away, without helping her and then she didn’t know what else she could do. She wanted to commit suicide then, because she didn’t see no other way out of it. And as she went to the bathroom, to hang herself, she saw the little tractate. She did read it and did cry. She has given her life to Jesus and is now a part of the church.
So, what I wanna tell you: Maybe it seems only a little tractate and thousand times you don’t know, if it did work, if people have been touched by it, but the 1001st is working. Only one little tractate, one little peace of paper on earth, but a big paper in heaven. One name more is written now in the big book of life in heaven, one soul rescued from hell. So, never give up, the small you think, your work for the Lord is! You will know finally in heaven, what it has been for.
And on this point, I wanna share a beautiful story, I’ve heard from friends, which are doing a great street work. The are going out on the streets every second day, to reach out to the losts in that city. They gave out thousands of tractates. As they started, their home-group grew up in one year from 1 till 20! And the new reborn Christians followed unfortunately out on the streets. They learned the fellowship by following.
The friend of mine did told me that encouraging story: There had been an old sailor in Sidney. He did live a really bad and sinful life. But than, he got a tractate and you know what happened! Yes, praise the Lord, he gave his life Him and turned away from that bad lifestyle. He was old and wanted to thank the Lord his big grace. He didn’t know how. All his life he had wasted, and not much is leftover. He decided to allot tractates to reach out to others and, so he thought, maybe others could be reached like him. He went out on the streets of Sidney, day for day, and did do a thankful, faithful work.
Lots of people were laughing about that old, furrowy, winkled man, smiled compassionate at him, or reacted angry and affronted him. But he did do his work thankful for the Lord day by day.
Then he got old and wasn’t able to go out on the streets. He did do his job, in front of his house, as long, as he could walk in front of the door. And than one day, he disappeared. Nobody cares about it.
Then a time later a pastor came into town and did ask all the people for that old rugose man. He told them, that he got saved because of him. And he gave his testimony on a Christian congress once. And as he did it, another man did stand up and said, that he came to faith in the same way, by a rugose old man in Sidney, and another pastor did stand up and said the same. After that, the pastor did told on his journey around the world on these congresses the same story. And everywhere, he did found people, got saved through that rugose, wrinkled old man in Sidney. Then he decided to search him, to tell him this amazing thing. So, that’s why he came back to Sidney.
He searched and searched and then he did found an old lady, which remembered that old man and showed him the way to his home, and told him his address. The pastor came to the door and rang the bell. Nothing happened – he rang again – nothing happened – but than, the door opened and a really stone-old wrinkled man stood there. He excused himself for being so slow. They went inside and the old man laid back again in his bed, because he felt not so well. His age took its tribute. Then the pastor started to tell his story. The old man won’t believe, that the Lord has had so much mercy with him, that his life could be something worse for Him. The tears rolled down his face. He said, he never ever did hear only one time, that one of his tractates did work. He never heard, that someone did give his life to Jesus, because of it.
Two weeks later, he went home into the glory of God!

Never give up your work for the Lord, the small it seems. You never know, what Jesus is doing with it! We are Jesus feet, his arms, his hands, his mouth, his ears! In heaven will be lots of unapparent, humbling people, which did a silent, faithful job for the Lord! And Jesus said, the last will be the first and the smallest on earth the biggest in heaven! Maybe you know now better, what it means.
GBU all!
A good testimony, it shows what God can do when we obey that little voice inside.

I'm sure that lady was happy you did!

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

Great story.

Yes we never know when a kind gesture or a little tract might change someone's life.