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Seeking to be generous toward others in anonymity reveals to us the true motivations of our hearts around our desire to give. We remember that God has given graciously toward us in so many ways that we do not deserve, and it fills our hearts with gratitude for Him. Giving also helps us to remember that it is God and God alone who sustainably supplies those who are in need. It is not our work which produces righteousness. God has ordained that we would stop and rest to truly consider His love, grace, and provision. While we are resting, God is still working.

Today, on our final day, we will engage in a day of Sabbath. This may be a new rhythm, so it might not feel natural to fully engage in the day. It may look like taking the family for a hike and discussing the majesty of God’s creation. Maybe it’s reading the Scriptures and attending a worship gathering to acknowledge His glory. Practicing the Sabbath helps us identify how we’ve attempted in our own strength to achieve or accomplish what we think brings us rest and fulfillment. The Sabbath also helps us to stave off the idol of productivity. When we stop our laboring and remember the Sabbath, we remember the significant work that happened on the cross. When we remember what we’ve been rescued from, we will celebrate the rescuer.

Caution: Because this is a new practice, you may feel like you don’t know how to properly Sabbath and, thus, would rather not attempt it at all. Remember that the true intention is not for us to please God by practicing the Sabbath but to find rest as a result of His gift of the Sabbath for us.

Devotional by Hillsong Church
Though under grace we don't keep the Sabbath as a means to righeousness, as it says in Hebrews "there remains a Sabbath rest of the people of God". It is important to set time aside to rest in Him ... and the Lord gives awesome promises for the Sabbath (Isaiah 58). Some years ago I fealt the Lord wanted us to have a Sabbath rest in Him from Saturday night to Sunday night. It is not a legalistic thing, but we stop doing the laundry, cutting the grass, doing employment stuff; and rather spend time with Him, spend time reaching out to others, spend time fellowshiping with other believers. And it has been an amazing joy! And great rest in Him! Truly, he does "refresh our souls". It has been so good that the idea of going back to our old ways is not much of a temptation ... why would I want to go back to stressing, and wearing out ... when He gives us rest! :grin::grin:

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