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Rodent Family

Staff Member
Rodent Family - January 23, 2006

When I consider the members of the rodent family I tend to think of the cute squirrels and chipmunks in our back yard. They are so amusing as they gather food, scurry through the yard and jump from tree to tree. There are also members of this family who have been welcome guests in our home, such as hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs.

But then there are mice and rats. They give me chill bumps. On a recent Florida Everglades airboat tour, I learned that there were rats in the Everglades as big as cats. This would definitely scare me!

Some rodents carry diseases which can harm or infect humans, but some are used in medical research to help combat disease. Others are destructive, like the beaver, chipmunk and squirrel. There are some members of this family which I have never seen, such as the lemmings. The rodent family is large and diversified, and so is the family of God.

All of God's children have different personalities, gifts and graces. Some are more obvious than others for the growth of The Kingdom. The good news is that no matter how cute, amusing, scary, helpful or dysfunctional I am, God is my heavenly Father. When I accepted Jesus as my savior, and became a member of the family of God, I know He looked upon me with great love. God will help me with any errors in my ways, if I just ask Him. He will use my good points to advantage, and will help me overcome my bad ones. It does not matter if others know me; God knows me as a member of His family, and His angels heralded me into His kingdom when I asked for admittance.

My prayer is that you too are a member of the family; the Family of God!

Contributed by Marion Smith
We all can be real "rats" sometimes, lol, but God still redeems us as His children and uses us in all kinds of ways. Praise Him!

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