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Rise up Your pennies O' Lord!

I don’t know if this is prophetic or not, but to me it is.. About 8 months ago, a woman I know from church, an Anna if you will, prophesied over me that I was one of the Lords pennies. I need to explain to you that do not personally know me. Back in March the Lord had me buy a house in a city I was new to and to join this amazing body of Christ; there’s a whole testimony to the Lords goodness on that which I won’t go into now. Regardless, when I took possession of the house after escrow closed, the 3 trashcans had been filled by someone after the last tenants left (it was a rental before I bought it) and at one point I needed to use the recycling bin but it was filled with icky trash of all sorts. So, one day I decided to empty it into the now emptied big trash can one item at a time, As I did this I started finding all these icky pennies — covered in grime and just plain grungy.. I found approximately 47 of them in this can alone but continued to find other pennies elsewhere on the property and I knew the Lord was telling me something through these — certainly that He would provided for me, but I hadn’t a clue about what He was going to reveal to me later…

Fast forward a bit, and my friend mentioned above, told me one that that I was one of these pennies. I didn’t realize the depth of that word until months later when the Lord started bringing that word back to me in my early morning prayer time.

So, let me dig a bit deeper… Many people in the world are happy to cast pennies on the ground considering them worthless bits of metal not worth carrying around in their purses or pockets, or for holding onto. I believe what the Lord showed me several months ago was that not only was I one of His pennies, but I was just one of an entire group that He’s raising up to be sent out into the world to do His works.

What are these pennies you may ask? We are the broken and societal cast-offs that the people of the world consider worthless, impossible to rehab to be productive members of society. In my case, I was in prison for 2 years which is where I got saved and ultimately led me here to my current walk with the Lord. You see, people that are addicts (any sort), people who’ve been broken in every way and which society just sees as worthless garbage that can’t be rehabbed EVER, we are those pennies. Society believes these people should remain in prisons or perhaps even mental hospitals. I believe that the Lord is working His redeeming hand in the lives of these people - breaking off addictions, healing emotional wounds, repairing bodies, delivering demonic elements from their lives, and so much more. I believe that He’s going to manifest I COR 1:26-31 on the world through this body of pennies — societies worthless cast-offs.

He has delivered me and so much more since my walk began a bit under 3 years ago and I believe other pennies are being prepared in much the same way, regardless of where they are in the eyes of society. We are remnant believers that love the Lord and will do anything He asks of us and find it impossible to say “No” to anything He asks of us. We have Him on our minds 24x7 and are willing to risk ALL that we have and ALL that we are to serve Him in any capacity, no matter the cost or how painful the walk might be.

Rise up Your pennies O’ Lord! Clean the gunk off all of our lives, polish us according to Your will, make us as shiny as gold and burnished copper and manifest us upon the world, turn us loose O’ Lord! We are your pennies and we are ready to be rained down as Your pennies from heaven, for Your glory & honor! Thank You Father!
You are precious to God, you were once lost and now you are found.

Jesus told a parable about a lost coin. Luke 15:8-10

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