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Richer mines of Love - Little Flower

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Hath not a storm driven some to the discovery of richer mines of the love of God in Christ?

Is it raining little flower?
Be glad of rain;
Too much sun would wither thee
'Twill shine again
The clouds are very black tis true
But just behind them shines the blue

Art thou weary tender heart?
Be glad of pain;
In sorrow sweetest virtues grow,
As flowers in rain
God watches, and thou wilt have sun
When clouds their perfect work hath done.

(From Streams in the Desert)

We know that all things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28)

Unworthy Servant
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How wonderful it is to have the trials and afflictions that serve to ripen the glorious fruit of the Spirit in our lives...

yes, often we can find room to grumble and complain...
but how pointless it all seems when we see yet again
the loving hand of our beautiful Saviour, who intercedes for us night and day, turns our sorrows into joy ... our hardships into rejoicing, our tears into laughing...

and yet...

my souls longs for the many who can not see our Saviour in His garments of glory.. for those who perish daily with no hope... for no-one told them of His love.... the hungry and wounded who languish in famine and hostilities .. the sick and suffering , the forgotten amd down trodden... and the one's who reject His grace in their lives...

that they would but know His eternal love... that they might be touched with the comfort and care that only Christ offers and freely gives... and see that the sunshine follows the rain... the fruit... yea, the fruit, how it ripens wiith afflictions, with persecutions and troubles, with opposition and agressions that may come our way as we reach out to the souls who would otherwise perish, to give them the hope that we have in His name....

yes, the flowers that thirst after the dewdrops and rain, though soaked for a season will blossom again.... yes.. the fruit how it ripens and fills out in His time and the table is set for the King and His guests to eternally dine.....

thank you for sharing and thank you for caring dear sister in Jesus and may you always know the care that our Lord Jesus has for you ... for you are so much more that the passing old frame that carries you now as you wait for Him to call you to His banquet of life by His holy dear name.

Bless you ....><>

Br. Bear
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