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rhymarhyma poetry 18

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. as the candles burn

    As I climb ever higher down my rope of dark desire

    I see a storm a comin' and the rain is on fire...

    A slipknot, taut, suffocating my soul

    My body reacts violently, out of control

    Uncontrolled chaos seeping deep within my mind

    I can peer inside my heart, and it's sadness that I find

    Madness shows a future where I don't grow to be old

    Icy blue fire, and it burns my soul cold

    A tisket, a tasket, a flame-engulfed casket

    lowered in the ground inside a sturdy wicker basket

    Dirty is the dirt that I begin to inhale

    Consumed by the earth, I see a birth, I hear a wail

    The soft cries of a stranger, a baby dressed in goat hide

    It's the release of the devil... the devil inside

    Abomination...castration...performed by his own hand

    He grabs me by the throat and screams a single command

    "Bow down before me, and I will release you from this place"

    Dangling in the air, I cried out for God's grace

    and in that silent moment, inside a silent dream

    I heard a silent whisper coming from a silent scream

    Just before I collapsed, as my world was turning black...

    "I hear your cries, child, and I'm taking you back

    Your life is in my hand and I'm not finished with you, son

    So let it be written, so let it be done"

    So I write by candlelight of life past and life anew

    and as the candles burn, the flames turn blue​
  2. Phoenix

    Though I freely walk these streets, sometimes I'm mentally confined
    Yesterday, today and tomorrow seem forever entwined
    When I think I'm moving forward somebody pushes rewind
    Gone are the bars in the windows, but not the bars in my mind

    I pray I break these chains, but there's no guarantee
    I pray to God for freedom, for freedom from me
    I put myself on lock-down and now I can't find the key
    I need someone to help me, to help me set me free

    Free to walk by someone looking my way
    without looking back and having something to say
    Free to just keep going and enjoying my day
    This is the freedom for which I pray

    Free to not wanna fight when someone looks at my date
    and to not get mad at the waitress if she reaches over my plate
    and to not get loud if the checks not straight
    Free to be full of joy and love and not of anger and hate

    Free to look over my shoulder and not think someone's always there
    and even if someone is, the freedom not to care
    Free to always be me, anytime, anywhere
    Free to find the me that is in me somewhere

    The freedom to be accepting of my ex's new man
    To not worry about what I can't control and to control the things I can
    To try and understand this is part of God's plan
    and that this point in my life was coming before time even began

    I'm doing much better but I can do better, I bet
    I've come a long way, but not far enough yet
    I know in my heart this ain't as good as it'll get
    If I just always remember, and never forget;

    I am free to forget where I was and to know where I belong
    I am free to make right all the things I did wrong
    I am free to be great like I was meant to all along
    and from the ashes of my past I'll rise up strong​
  3. Thirteen days

    I put my head in my hands in disbelief

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of grief

    Two weeks to cherish was far too brief

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of grief

    Suddenly I realized all my worst fears

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of tears

    Life isn't always as it appears

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of tears

    And the tears kept coming like a runaway train

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of pain

    It seemed like nothing could ever stop the rain

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of pain

    But then the sun came out and cleared the skies

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of whys

    It eased my heart and softened my cries

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of whys

    It was time with my son that I got to enjoy

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of joy

    To look at, to hold, and to love my baby boy

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of joy

    So innocent and fragile, like a precious little dove

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of love

    Now he's playing with the angels, flying high above

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of love

    I'll never forget his beautiful face

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of grace

    I know I'll see him someday in a far away place

    Thirteen days...thirteen days of grace

    Two weeks of the truest love a person can go through

    Thirteen days...thirteen days so true

    and I know he can hear me when I whisper "I miss you"

    Thirteen days...thirteen days so true​

  4. it might be me

    There's a man on the corner with change in his cup

    His sign reads "When you hit rock-bottom you can only go up"

    He might be down on his luck, maybe he's there by choice

    Nobody knows, because we've never heard his voice

    There's a woman on the corner holding a sign

    She has a small bag of chips and a bottle of wine

    She might be laughing, but maybe she cries

    Nobody knows, because we've never seen her eyes

    There's a child on the corner sitting with his dad

    The boy looks happy, but the man looks sad

    He has a guitar, maybe he used to be in a band

    Nobody knows, because we've never shook his hand

    There's a couple on the corner waving at the cars

    dancing, and laughing, underneath the stars

    They might have a home, maybe they have no place to go

    Nobody knows, because we've never said hello

    There's lots of people on the corners, everyday, everywhere

    They all came from somewhere, they have a story to share

    If you don't want to give them change, maybe a's free

    Only God knows tomorrow, and tomorrow it might be me​
  5. no separation

    Lost souls aren't lost, and they don't get lonely

    We're not the first, the last, or the one and only

    We sometimes let ourselves wander, pondering the dark

    but it's never pitch-black, there's a glimmering spark

    way far away, barely lighting the way

    that at our darkest hour ignites a brand-new day

    We see it...we hear it...

    we feel it...we fear it...

    We don't wanna change, so we don't wanna be near it

    It's the bright to our soul, the light to our spirit

    the flame to our heart, the fire to our mind

    When we stray from true love, it's true love that we find

    and that flickering spark was just a sign

    because there is no separation...Romans 8:39​

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