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rhymarhyma poetry 17

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Every wall's a window

    Glass house, glass house, goes 'round and 'round

    Sooner or later, glass house, we'll come crashing down...

    I paid my rent for so many years

    and I paid my rent with so many tears

    just so I could live in a house of glass

    that had no yard, had no green grass

    It had no bushes, it had no tree's

    My glass house had none of these

    All my house had was pain and sorrow

    I'd beg, steal or borrow just to get me to tomorrow

    and when tomorrow came, it was more of the same

    Self-destruction has no name...self-destruction has no shame

    On the inside lookin' out, movin' backwards full-throttle

    Every wall's a window when you live inside a bottle

    It was a temporary move but then it opened up a flood

    My landlord was the Demon and I signed a lease in blood

    "From now until forever" is how the lease read

    and the only way I'd move, he said, is stone-cold dead

    I can't remember day-for-day how long I actually stayed

    but I recall the end of fall when I cried out loud and prayed

    The end of my fall, and the beginning of my spring

    as I leaped into the love my Lord promised he would bring

    He granted me forgiveness, he showed me truth and offered grace

    He helped me move away from that frightening place

    I used to pray as a child, but I never understood

    until I truly saw my Lord, and saw my Lord was good

    A new lease on life is what Christ promised me

    I'm alive, I am saved, I am happy, I am free​
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  2. Flatlined

    Nights roll into days, and days roll into nights

    My mind, it sometimes strays when I turn out the lights

    A crazy purple haze slowly sparks and ignites

    Midnight dreams ablaze as the lowly serpent bites...

    As the church bells rang, a single fang tears my skin

    The noise of the the poison brings a rush from within

    The venom flows deep as I weep of what I've done

    A black sheep sleeping becomes a wolf he can't outrun

    Jekyll and Hyde, but I can't hide from me

    I no longer want to be who I wanted to be

    The serpent haunted me and hunted me and dragged me away

    My heroin becomes my heroine as she gets me through the day

    Morphine morphing into a seamless transition

    of a room within a room within a room with a mortician

    A tomb within a tomb, as I lay lifeless on a gurney

    Born to cry, born to die, as I ride my final journey

    Forgive me, everybody, for the hurt I put you through

    Faces blend together of the names I never knew

    Flatlined, rewind...lost my heart and lost my mind

    until I finally found the Light I was dying to find​
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  3. the days that remain

    I can't run away from the day when my mama passed away
    but I can't allow one day to make every other grey
    I get confined in my mind when I revisit that day
    but I have to keep movin', 'cause it hurts if I stay...

    I see the sunshine shining as it breaks through the rains
    for God took away all of yesterdays pains

    My life is written, my path is drawn
    It seems the Book of Life has me movin' on
    Every storm breaks into a beautiful dawn
    and the days that remain outshine the days that are gone...

    Patiently I walk with the King of Kings
    for only God knows what tomorrow brings

    All that I have is this moment in time
    this moment to shine, this moment to rhyme
    Less than happiness would be nothing less than a crime
    I've been blessed with today, and today is sublime...

    Of all the days I may get, of all the days I've ever had
    this is the day God gave me, I will rejoice and be glad​
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  4. Chasing love, embracing death

    I can't escape worldly love, but love is oh, so elusive

    There's evidence it exists, but really nothing conclusive

    There's the emotions love produces; people feeling happy, mad, sad

    but I can't let my greatest love affair be the one I never had

    I can't escape worldly death, and death is oh, so around me

    and at the end of the show it will have finally found me

    There's the emotions death produces; people feeling confused, mad, sad

    but I can't let the greatest part of death be the life I never had

    One will lift me up, while the other will have me falling

    I can't dwell on which is which because each will always be calling

    Being afraid to die means being afraid to live

    Being afraid to love means being afraid to forgive

    From this day on, until my very last breath

    I'll live life by chasing love and love life by embracing death​
  5. One in the chamber

    I saw the tears that you cried from the fears deep inside
    I'm the one in the chamber and I'm ready to ride

    It's never gonna, click, POP
    Slowly squeeze the trigger as you watch yourself drop
    Feel a sense of freedom that you never felt before
    All the pain goes away before your body hits the floor
    Bloodstains rain all across the wall
    You rose to the world...and to the world you will fall

    I know you don't want to die, but you no longer want to cry
    I'm the one in the chamber and I'm ready to fly

    Don't try and stop it, click, POW
    Barrel to the temple as you take your final bow
    How could everybody leave you, all alone, to carry on
    One moment you're here, and in an instant you're gone
    If this truly is your answer, I guess the question was in doubt
    Feel the cold rush of death as your life rushes out...

    You already know it's the end of the show
    I'm the one in the chamber and I'm ready to go

    Can't stop the gloom and, click, BOOM
    Precious little flower never had a chance to bloom
    Got caught in the dark because he couldn't hear the light
    calling, reaching out, in the middle of his night
    He chose the voice of the world, the voice that broke him apart
    as he ignored the one in the chamber...the chamber of his heart​
  6. Yeah baby!

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