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rhymarhyma poetry 16

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rhymarhyma, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. you promised you would

    Dear Father in Heaven
    I cry out to you
    Do to me the things that you promised you'd do...

    Unchain my heart
    unlock my mind
    Fill me with the love that I'm trying to find

    Heal my body
    redeem my soul
    Fill me with your Spirit, Lord, and make me whole

    I empty myself
    of this world to you
    Please, Father, fix me...and make me new

    I offer all I have
    I promise all I am
    I surrender all I was as the sacrificial lamb

    Bring me to your light
    release me from the black
    and I will do all that you ask...I'll just love you back

    Transform me...change me...
    turn what was bad into good
    I know you will, Father, because you promised you would​
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  2. I've found the way

    If I die today

    would you cry today

    Don't shed a tear me, for I'll have finally found the way

    The way out of the rain

    the way out of the pain

    The way to escape this world that sometimes drives me insane

    The way to end confusion

    the way to end my sadness

    The way to get away from this world and all its madness

    The way to always see

    all of those I truly love

    To be an ever-watchful eye in the heavens above

    I'll have found the way

    to end the suffering, the strife

    for I'll have found the Way and the Truth and the Life​
  3. in two more days, tomorrow will be gone

    "Daddy, daddy, let's go out and play"

    Tomorrow, son, daddy's busy today

    "Mommy, mommy, can we go to the zoo"

    Maybe tomorrow, sweetie, mommy's got a lot to do

    Look at little Johnny, playin' all alone again

    Mama's plannin' parties and daddy's working until ten

    So Johnny sits in his bedroom with his best friend, Teddy

    puttin' on his winter clothes and gettin' all ready

    He laces up his boots and snugly pulls at his hat

    grabs his Teddy and his sled as he hugs his kitty cat

    He walks across the frozen lake lost in thought and wonder

    Johnny never heard the ice break 'til the water pulled him under...

    Johnny died like he lived, all alone, all alone

    Another lonely child wishin' that some love were shown

    The time is right now for us to get our love on

    because in two more days, tomorrow will be gone

    "Mommy, mommy, let's go have some fun"

    Tomorrow, baby, I have to get this work done

    "Daddy, daddy, let's play wild, wild west"

    Tomorrow, angel, daddy needs to rest

    Suzy rides her tricycle up and down the halls

    She has three best friends but all three of 'em are dolls

    She dresses 'em all up in different outfits every day

    and tells 'em that she loves 'em so they'll never run away

    The dolls never talk back, but if they could here's what they'd say

    "Thank you, mommy, for stayin' home and playin' with us today"

    A tear drops from her eye 'cause she thinks nobody cares

    and then Suzy and her tricycle tumbled down the stairs...

    Suzy died like she lived, by herself, by herself

    because somebody took their love for her and put it on a shelf

    Love our babies now, just get our love on

    because in two more days, tomorrow will be gone​
  4. Soliloquy of a lone romantic

    I give you all I am, as a man, and so much more

    I give you my mind, I bare you my soul

    I knew you were the one when you walked through the door

    My time I gave you, but it was my heart that you stole

    We were meant for each other, my precious dove

    We can walk here forever, hand in hand

    For the rest of our lives, truly in love

    but there's one thing I need for you to understand

    Should God take you first, though it would break my heart

    no matter where you are, let me remind you

    I cannot bear the thought of us being apart

    and if you have to go before me, I promise I'll find you

    You give all that you are, to me, as your man

    You bare me your soul, you give me your mind

    You knew I was the one before we even began

    Your time I longed for, but it was your heart that I'd find

    I'm your precious love, and we'll always have each other

    side by side, until the day we die

    Truly in love, we were made for one another

    but there's one thing you know I can never deny

    Should God take me first, I hope He cradles your heart

    and no matter how long it takes, you'll be right behind me

    Forgive me for the time that we'll have to spend apart

    but if I have to go before you, I know that you'll find me​
  5. angel-9

    Under the cover of night

    or the sun's brightest light

    He holds his head high

    as he fights the good fight

    With super-human compassion

    and the kindness of ten men

    Always helping others

    over and over again

    He has a vision of peace

    even as peace is on the decline

    Who is this hero?

    They call him angel-9

    She offers all she has

    and asks only one thing in return

    and that's we all do the same

    when it comes to our turn

    She says all will have the chance

    to lend a helping hand

    To spread one true love

    all across the land

    In her beautiful mind

    every town will have a sign

    "All are welcome here"

    and it's signed "angel-9"

    They don't wear a cape

    nor a mask upon their face

    They can't become invisible

    or disappear without a trace

    They can't fly above the skies

    or make a building rise

    Lasers don't beam

    when they open their eyes

    They're just regular people

    with a spectacular design

    and if we look in our own hearts

    we are all angel-9​

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