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rhymarhyma poetry 15

A picture's worth a thousand tears

My friend's mother once told me
as they were burying her son
"You've already taken a life, child
now go and save one..."

I didn't fire the round that put my friend in the ground
but it never would've happened if I wasn't around

Six in the evening
and I'm laying in bed
trying to clear the cobwebs
outta my head
Tryin' to get right
from the night before
on my front door
My homie Tony-Tony
and he looked upset
So I got ready for a night
that I would never forget

Summer-time night
and it was just like any other
I love Tony-Tony
like I love a little brother
He's got a problem
then it's my problem, too
Never know what the streets
are gonna make you do
He says it's no big deal
and he doesn't want to fight
but somebody, somewhere
will be hurting tonight

You know how it goes
you gotta stay "true"
and I made him do something
that he didn't want to do
We found out real fast
where they were partying at
Sometimes it happens like that
Running out the house
to the echo of a Glock
but Tony-Tony didn't make it
to the end of the block

I look at a picture
on my living room wall
of me and Tony-Tony
standing proud, standing tall
and sometimes I picture
where he'd be
and what he'd be doing
if it wasn't for me
I know his mother meant
to move up and move on
before my own family
has to picture me gone...

I didn't fire the round that put my friend in the ground
but it never would've happened if I wasn't around...

Animalism \ an-i-mal-ism \ [n]-The doctrine that human beings are purely animal

in nature and have no spiritual nature

If you give all your love to a person, don't be broken when they stray

because even dogs are loyal right before they run away

If you give all your trust to a person, keep that person in your sight

because even snakes smile right before they bite

If you give all your time to a person, watch that time slow to a crawl

because even vultures hang around waiting for you to fall

If you put all your hope in a person, leave little room for doubt

because even spiders embrace you before the fangs come out

If you give all your joy to a person, keep an eye on your back

because even hyenas laugh right before they attack

If you put all your faith in a person, expect to get let down

because even gators hold you right before you drown

but if you give all of these things to the great I AM

you'll be there to bear witness when the lion loves the lamb...
Shooting star

Shooting star, shooting star
how I wonder what you are
Sometimes you're so very close
other times so far

When you're close, I hold you tight
I don't want you to go
I long to see you every night
more than you can know
The way you glow, the way you shine
I swear I feel your heat
I prayed one day you would be mine
and make my life complete

Midnight sky, midnight sky
my shooting star's so high
So beyond my outstretched reach
I have to say goodbye

My shooting star, you shot too high
Now what am I to do
I can't stay and watch you die
I have too much love for you
I tried to rein you in, my love
I did what I thought right
but you were happy high above
so please be safe tonight

Brand new day, brand new day
all I can do is pray
that tonight my star still shines
and didn't fade away...
A King has died in my place

As I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror
I wondered why my life wasn't much clearer
My path was a puzzle that I couldn't figure out
I felt lost and alone, full of despair, full of doubt
What was I supposed to do, who was I supposed to be
I looked and I looked but I could not see
and as I stared into my eyes someone else stared back
My head started spinning and the room went black...

I started having visions of things I did not know
I had no way of escape, there was nowhere to go
I saw angels singing and demons screaming
my body was awake, but my soul was dreaming
An angel strummed a harp, a demon rang a bell
I saw the pearly gates of Heaven and the dungeons of Hell

Heaven was a waterfall, an island, a song
Heaven was gentle, and yet Heaven was strong
It was a baby's first breath, a garden's first bloom
the first ray of sunlight as it lights up a room
It was the morning dew as it glistens in the sun
A mother's loving hug, a child having fun
It was a giggle, a laugh, an ear to ear grin
an intense feeling that glowed within
Heaven was a gently gliding leaf as it floats upon a breeze
Heaven was a beautiful place and it put my mind at ease
It was the feeling of happiness, of joy, of love
It was at the same time everything I ever dreamed of
It was all of those feelings, come together at one time
Heaven made me smile, Heaven was sublime

As I walked the halls of Heaven, lo and behold
walls of uncut diamonds, and floors of brilliant gold
A melody played, and it soothed my heart
I said to God "I want to stay with you forever, I never want to be apart"
I didn't see God, but I heard His voice
He said "Heaven awaits, child, but it's up to you to make the choice
The choice of how you live your life, day after day
and as quickly as I got to Heaven, my vision carried me away

I started falling, and spiraling, out of control
I felt intense heat and it was burning my soul
I landed in a pool of fire where lost souls dwell
and I knew in my heart that this must be Hell

Hell was brimstone, a volcano, a shriek
Hell was gloomy, and Hell was bleak
It was a baby's last breath, a garden's wilted doom
The last ray of sunshine as they're closing up a tomb
It was rotting flesh as it burns in the sun
A mother's choking hands, a child with a gun
It was a cry, a groan, a murderous grin
an intense feeling that burned within
Hell was a suicidal man standing on a ledge
Hell was a frightening place and it put my mind on edge
It was the feeling of bitterness, of hate, of no love
It was at the same time everything I was ever scared of
It was all of those feelings, come together in one dream
Hell was a nightmare, Hell made me scream

As I walked the halls of Hell, lo and behold
walls of souls in torment, young and old
A woman wailed, and it saddened my heart
I said to Satan "Of this madness I want no part."
I didn't see Satan, but I heard his voice
He said "Hell awaits, child, but it's up to you to make the choice
The choice of how you live your life, day after day"
and as quickly as I got to Hell, my vision carried me away

Next I watched my heart shed a teardrop, fiery and red
I heard the screams of a man and he was rising from the dead
Adorned with thorns, wounds open and bloody
clawing his way out of a tomb, dirty and muddy
Dripping sweat and blood, looking totally beat
Spike marks through both his hands and feet
I asked him who did this, and he said it was me
and that he took the pain and suffering so I could truly be free
I told him I would not do this, that I am loving within
He said everybody thinks that and that he died for my sin
Then he put His hand upon my shoulder and my life flashed before my eyes
The cheating, the highs, the stealing, the lies
Every sin I ever committed, no matter how small
and they didn't stop coming until I'd seen them all
I asked him about the good things, didn't they count, too
and he said that's nothing special because that's what I'm supposed to do
He told me he came from Heaven and gave all he could give
He said he died for the world, and for the world I should live

Suddenly, there it was, clear in my mind
A man whose soul was loving, forgiving and kind
I felt much sorrow, the tears had poured
I knew it was my soul, weeping for the Lord
The way he was beaten, the way he had died
Led to a hill like an animal and crucified
I watched the crowd as they laughed and taunted
More tears from my eyes, for the Lord was unwanted
and as he hang there dying, He proved his heart was true
"Forgive them, Father...for they know not what they do..."

Then as quickly as it came, the vision faded away
I just dropped to my knees and began to pray
"My Lord, my God, I put my life in your control
I promise you my heart and I promise you my soul
and I promise, Dear God, I'll try to do what's right
My path's no longer dark, I can finally see the light"
and as I rose up and stared at the reflection of my face
sadly I realized...a King has died in my place
...when I was sitting all alone...

I used to cry...when I was sitting all alone
getting so, so high...when I was sitting all alone
watching life go by...when I was sitting all alone
wishing I would die...when I was sitting all alone

Little did I know that I was already dead
because little did I know how quick that demon would spread
"Dead man walkin', y'all!"...yeah that's what I said
for I was dead inside my heart...I was dead inside my head

I used to know this little boy who died so long ago
He had a smile a mile wide that showed a happy glow
I'd see him every day, every day I'd watch him grow
Basketball in the sunshine and football in the snow

I used to walk him home after each and every game
Daytime, nighttime, it was always the same
until one day I couldn't find him, and I was calling out his name
That's the day he disappeared... as the darkness came

Years and years went by, tears and tears went by
and every time I'd see his mother she would look me in the eye
She never blamed me, but she would always ask me why
and I never had an answer for every tear she would cry

One day I was on the sidewalk jumping over each crack
and I saw that little boy on the right side of the track
He said he saw white lights before he fell into black
and he said he talked to God...and God brought him back

God gave him another chance, another chance to atone
and he asked God to hold his hand because he couldn't do it on his own
He said he was saved by the love, grace and mercy he was shown
I used to cry...when I was sitting all alone...
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