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rhymarhyma poetry 14


Wanna see the world become all you've dreamed of
Start a revolution, a revolution of love...

Love somebody, anybody, everybody needs love
Love someone, anyone, everyone you think of
Every person that we come across, all that come our way
Tell 'em that we love 'em, try and show 'em every day
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
the Christian, the Jew, the Muslim, the Quaker
I love you as you are and I wish you could see
that I want you to love me back, to love me just for me

Wanna see love around the world increase
Start a revolution, a revolution of peace...

Only we can make it sunny, only we can make it gray
Only we can make the feelings that we're feeling today
I will not bend to your attack, and no you will not convert me
You can mock me, you can knock me, but you never will hurt me
It's up to me to keep composure, up to me to keep control
and God truly gives me peace, within my mind, my heart, my soul
Come at me verbally or physically, take your best crack
Peace is a choice and I choose not to attack you back

Wanna see peace amongst every girl and boy
Start a revolution, a revolution of joy...

Get a "B" on your report card? Hey, that's better than a "C"
Get a "C" on your report card? Hey, that's better than a "D"
Don't stress it, child, you'll pass the next test
Just know that we love you and we know you did your best
No time for scolding, no time for strife
Let's go out and celebrate, celebrate life
Life is short, too short, and we should enjoy every minute
and life wouldn't be as great without all our angels in it

Wanna see joy within a worldwide scope
Start a revolution, a revolution of hope...

The downtrodden have forgotten that life is grand
We need to open their eyes, we need to give 'em a hand
The oppressed are stressed that it's the end of the road
We have to lift 'em up, help 'em lighten their load
We've all fallen down, we've all been quite low
We've all, at different times, had nowhere to go
We're all special, and beautiful, and unique and great
Some have arrived early, but it's never too late

Wanna see hope rise and climb
Start a revolution, a revolution of time...

Let time be your money and you'll have lot's of it
Rich beyond your wildest dreams...man, you gotta love it
If my little one's want a video, maybe today's not the day
but I can take 'em to the park, where we can actually play
They wanna watch the tube, I'll read 'em a book, instead
It's better from my heart, and so much better for their head
Children, especially, don't care what we drive or where we live
they just want our time, and we have plenty to give

People call me a dreamer, and hey, if that's the way it seems
then I'm starting a revolution...a revolution of dreams...

Imagine how the world would look
if everyone offered, yet nobody took
and the guidebook for living were a Dr. Seuss book
Imagine how the world would look

Imagine how the world would sound
if none were lost, and all were found
and the vehicle of choice were a merry-go-round
Imagine how the world would sound

Imagine how the world would feel
if none were sick, and all could heal
and "All men are created equal" was really, well, real
Imagine how the world would feel

Imagine how the world would smell
if none were silent, and all could yell
and everyone lived in a five-star hotel
Imagine how the world would smell

Imagine how the world would taste
if none were cast, and all embraced
and racism and prejudice were forever erased
Imagine how the world would taste

Imagine how the world would be
if I loved you like Christ loved me
and the whole wide world was the land of the free
Imagine how the world would be...
One more day

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
dear God, please send me back, for my children's sake...

I promised my babies I wouldn't leave, I wouldn't die
until they spread their own wings and were ready to fly
When you put them in my life, when you blessed me with their love
you gave me all I need on earth, everything I dreamed of
You trusted in me, Lord, that I would always do my best
and now your humble servant asks one final request
and that's to please give me more, just a little more time
Don't let this be my last hug, don't let this be my last rhyme
I have to teach them life-lessons that they'll never forget
and dear God, they're not ready, so please don't take me yet
One's a new mom and I'm sure she'll need my advice
and one can kind of tie his shoes but he ties the same one twice
One is serving in Iraq and I can't wait to have her back
My oldest boy's spray-painting trains at the railroad track
One needs a lot of work on saying "please" and "thank you"
and the last one doesn't get the importance of shampoo
They're all so beautiful and special like you meant for them to be
and when I close my eyes at night they are all that I see
I thank you, dear Christ, for letting me be their dad
and I know I don't want to go because I don't want them to be sad
Forgive me Lord for being selfish, I'll never put you to the test
I only pray for one more day before I take my final rest
turned away

How would I feel, if day after day

I offered my son my love...but he just turned away

Or if my daughter was lost, and I tried showing her the way

and I said "Follow my voice"...but she just turned away

What if my child's heart was broken, and rotting in decay

and I offered consolation...but my child turned away

What if my son convinced his sister that they didn't have to obey

and together the two of them...both just turned away

Some of my children will listen to me, while others will go astray

but I will never give up on the one's that turn away

I grew up with my Lord, but then I didn't want to stay

and my Father waited patiently...until I came back his way...
like I'll remember you...

When you finally fall down
one truth remains true
You are judged by us still living
by how we remember you...

The measure of a man
isn't too hard to find
It's by what they leave behind
in the depths of our mind

It's by all of the memories
of the days, months or years
and whatever lies behind
all of the farewell tears

They can be tears of fears
They can be tears of violence
Tears that scream loudly
and leave echoes of silence

They can be tears of joy
tears of longing, tears of sorrow
Tears that whisper softly
of a distant tomorrow

We have so many reasons
that make our teardrops drop
whether we shed just one
or they never, ever stop

Just know in your heart
that the tears in my mind
flow because I know
angels are hard to find

You didn't fall down
you spread your wings and you flew
Graceful, strong and proud
like I'll remember you...
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