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Revelation Map

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Thanks Chad - we have a book with that on it and I have been looking for something like that on line. Great timing.
Click this link to see a 1600x1200 resolution outlined map of the book of Revelation.

Its very interesting and I believe just astounding whomever put it together.
Wow! This is amazing Brother Chad. Just imagine the amount of research this person would have put into this, to make this wonderful picture.

God bless you.
That's really good! Great link Chad! :smileteeth:
I agree with what this guy did. The last seven years isn't just a tribulation; it's the GREAT tribulation. While God delivers us through tribulations and sufferings (sometimes great), this will be so horrible He will have to deliver us out of the world because even the effects of His judgments would bring great suffering. Like I told someone (who, I admit, is a bit hard headed and won't repent :crying: ) "God's judgment will bring you to your knees." Long story short, I just told them that God loves them but that if they continue in disobedience, God's patience will run out and He will bring judgment on them. That it's only too late to repent if they die.

This may be a dumb question, but...was I stating the truth to them? I've only been a true Christian for some months now..when I was younger, I said I was Christian but I knew I wasn't acting like one.
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