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Rev ch 9 -The Locust army of the antichrist given the key to the well of the abyss

The Edict of Thessalonica THE REBELLION

The Rebellion of the man of sin spoken of in 2Thess 2 was fulfilled by the blasphemy of
The Edict of Thessalonica also known as "conctus populos" it was issued in 380 A.D. It ordered all subjects of the Roman Empire to profess the faith of the Bishops of Rome and Alexandria making Nicene Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.
2 thess3...... I disagree...

1:7 paul ask us to wait with him until Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels. This of course is the tribulation rapture or gathering together.....

1:10 where we we met jesus is the sky (clouds he comes on) and he is glorified by all who rise in their new bodies to greet him at his coming... Rev 1:7 all eyes will see this event.....

Chapter 2
2:1 do not believe that the gathering together (with Christ)
2:2 dont believe Anyone if they tell you the gathering together is:
2:3 before the man of sin sits in the temple (during the tribulation period)

So paul clearly is speaking of the tribulation rapture and not to believe the pre trib rapture.....

The 2 men of acts were told while Watching jesus rise (didnt disappear) that he would return in the same way...being seen

Rev 1:7 all eyes see him

And yet people believe in pre trib rapture....

So paul speaks of a still future event...Id dump the video and stick with the word....
There are some problems with this video, and assumptions made it in.

It seems like some people believe that all the bad things that happen are because of Satan and the beast.
Some of this is true. People will be beheaded and prevented from buying and selling unless they take the mark of the beast.

But the earthquakes, seas turning to blood, the 200 million horsemen, the locusts that have power to sting like scorpions. (Rev 9:1-11; )
are all from God. Now Abaddon/Apollyon may be a demon. (Rev 9:11; ) But these locust/scorpions are not hurting Christians, in fact it
specifically says they sting those who are NOT Christians.

Rev 9:4; says they only sting those who do NOT have the seal of God on their foreheads.

It's the same with the 200 million horsemen. ( Rev 9:13-21; ) They will kill of third of mankind. Some take this to mean "everyone" Christians or not.
But it specificlly says in verse 20.... "the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues"
still don't repent of worshiping demons and idols. They did repent of their sorceries, murders, immoralities, and thefts... these don't sound like
Christians to me.

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