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Resurrected Mama

This is a continual of "My Mother's Story". If you have not read it, then you might not get the fullness of what I am about to say. The Power of God has hit our family so strong that it can bring anyone to his or her knees. My family has been praying constantly for my mother's recovery from the dead. Having died twice two weeks on a wednesday, it had her in an unconscious state. The doctors were worried that she would never respond, but God had something up his sleeve. It was going to happen suddenly and the right people were going to be there at the right time. Now I will admit the way God works, after he does his job nobody, I mean nobody can be the same. Last night, my sister and I went to the hospital to go and see my mother. We have been there everyday, but never really had a response that would just blow your mind. But last night the presence of God was in there so strong that it was sooo overwhelming. It was hard to stay in the room. God sent a woman that dated my uncle a couple years back, to the hospital to see my mother. She is saved and highly anointed. And my auntie was there as well. We all went into my mother's room and began to start worshipping God. The presence of God fell so strong that it could destroy any yoke. I started singing praises unto God and the next thing I know. I started to get a breakthrough in my life and I was on the floor being pursed of everything that was not of God. God said to me, "New Level". Finally, we were all sitting in the room next to my mother and the lady that came to visit felt lead to go and see what the nurses were doing to my mother at the time. It was about four of them in there. Everything was alright, so she turned around to walk back towards us and something told her to look back at my mother. When she did, my mother had her eyes opens all the way and she was trying to talk. When the nurses saw this, they all ran out frighten, not expecting her to wake up. But God had this all planned. She has waken up and will stay up. To be continued.......
humbled1 this is just so awesome what God is doing in your life and your mothers you and your family are in my prayers . Joyfully ~ Jlu

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