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restart Bible discussions

Hello you all, do you remember how I used to have Teen Bible discussions every friday? well I'm thinking of starting them again. What times do you have available? what days? let me know. and if you aren't a teen, you're welcome. anyone is welcome. let me know. God bless you all. bye:)
Hey Tanya I know I was a leader and this idea is a good one I would do it the same time it we had people chowing up. The time it was at was 7:00pm Eastern time zone. What do you the people from TJ think? We would need to know where you are from, what time would be good for you and some ideas on what to discuse. Chad would you let us start up a Bible Discusion? People we need you to start up agian so please answer us with anything you have to help us. What time would be good? How meany times a week would you show up? What kind of things are you willing to talk about please make sure you have a text with what you want to talk about. Anything else add to your reply please anyone who can make it reply soon or it will not happen. Even if you are interested and do not know if you can make it please say that if you can make it you are interstend and will try to come.Anything so please come out and tell us what you think.
Thanks Rachelle, actually for now i'm thinking of just letting the people that want to let us know, the rest we could manage, that is with topics, so you wont need to worry about that, but if you want, you're welcome to help out. but Rachelle, it'd be cool to do it once again. well if you are all interested let me know, if not, it's all of our loss. God bless you all, Tanya
Hi you two :love: I just cant let you sit here by yourself and watch you all getting sad about no response at all whatsoever :love:

You have a lot of courage on your heart to even think about sowing a new seed in times of sadness and ashes :love: I am very thankful that you two are being an example to me to move on and go on :love:

Because we just need to! :love:

You have it on your heart to start bible discussions again because you know the need of faithfully sticking together no matter what :love:

God bless you two and touch you deeply in your heart right now :love:

I dont know if I will be able to be part of it. . .but im willing to help you all search for toppics or anything where I could support the work you need to get done :love:

I will pray for you two :love:
God bless both you young ladies ! :love: I pray that your bible study will go ahead . Please make sure uncle Chad approves it first . If he does , I will help you guy's have all you need to enjoy Gods love with each other . I will even moderate it . Thats all we want for you guy's . A private place for teens only with a moderator there to make sure . May Gods blessings be with you both in your quest to serve others in the Lord . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
Hey Peeps and Mike, God bless you both. thanks a lot. but I was thinking of not only having teens. but it would be great if teens would actually respond and we could get it going. that would be awesome. Well thanks again. God bless you guys...
peeps, thanks a bunch, you touched my heart :)
Ok thanks to everyone who has said something to this but I think we need a lot more supporters. All you teens out there please answer to this post. We would need a adult who can keep an eye on how we are doing weekly or how every much we end up doing it so please give us a shout and post us back thanks for your help and time hope to get Bible Discussion running agian.
I'm sorry everyone, but it's not gonna work out, I haven't really gotten any responces and just some things came up. Well God bless you all. bye bye:) love ya all. blessings
hey sweetheart :love: please dont be discouraged :love: just keeps feeding your heart with His beautiful promises and God will provide ok :love: sometimes little spring goes under the earth for miles and miles . . .just to pop up as a mighty river somewhere else :love: God bless you with His loving hand right now :love: see you later ok

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